The package repository and channel config for Papyros
Latest commit d8ec5a2 Mar 3, 2016 Builder committed with iBelieve Build 22 at Wed Mar 2 22:16:19 2016
* chore: Add KWallet to the list of dependencies in the builder config
 * chore: Add commit info to the changelog
 * chore: Add changelog for v0.2.0

* Update 0.4.8.r11.gfbcdb07 -> 0.4.13.r8.g765c0af

* feat(qrc): New script to automatically generate Qt resource files.
 * fix(tab): Actually close the right tab

* Remove libvlc hints from instructions
 * Fix tiny typo

* Fix path not changing in title
 * Fix reference to program name in licensing
 * Remove make check from installation instructions.
 * Add missing strings for translations

* Fix some grammar and typos
 * Ignore the escape key when there is no selection

Papyros repository configuration

This repository holds the package configuration for Papyros as well as the configuration for building the OSTree channels.