The webapp framework for Papyros
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WebApp framework for Papyros

Warning: this is very much an initial working concept. There is a lot to implement, and the project is not structured at all yet. Stay tuned for further progress!

To use this in QML:

import Material.WebApps 0.1 or

if just want to create the most basic webapp, you can create a JSON with the following fields:

  • title - the name of the WebApp/Site ex. Inbox, Soundcloud, Yahoo, Outlook
  • url (self-explanatory)
  • loadingImage - a banner, this is shown at startup until the web site loads, should be relative to the current directory ex. images/banner.png
  • color - the dark color (700 of 500 if the website's main color matches one of the material design ones)

and then just copy the script into your project's directory and run it, passing the name of the JSON file as an argument.