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Parable DI is a no-nonsense dependency injection container.
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Parable DI Container

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Parable DI is a no-nonsense dependency injection container that gets the job done.


Php 7.1+ and composer are required.

$ composer require parable-php/di


Example usage of a straightforward situation:

use \Parable\Di\Container;

$container = new Container();

$app = $container->get(App::class);

Example usage of an interface-hinted dependency being mapped:

use \Parable\Di\Container;

$container = new Container();

class App
    public function __construct(ThatInterface $classWithInterface)
    public function run()
        echo "Run? RUN!";

$container->map(ThatInterface::class, ClassWithInterface::class);

$app = $container->get(App::class);

The above situation can also be solved by instantiating and then storing ClassWithInterface under ThatInterface.

Example usage of a class that needs the di itself:

use \Parable\Di\Container;

$container = new Container();

class App
    public $container;
    public function __construct(\Parable\Di\Container $container)
        $this->container = $container;

$app = $container->get(App::class);

// output: bool(true)

For all other use cases, simply check the tests in tests/DiTest.php.


  • get(string $name): object - creates or gets instance
  • has(string $name): bool - check if instance is stored
  • build(string $name): object - build instance with stored deps, don't store
  • buildAll(string $name): object - build instance with new deps, don't store
  • map(string $requested, string $replacement): void - allow pre-emptively defining a replacement class to be instantiated when the requested name is retrieved or built. Use for lazy-loading classes, i.e. for interface deps.
  • getDependenciesFor(string $name, [int $storedDependencies]): array - get dependencies for instance, with stored (default) or new deps
  • store(object $instance, [string $name]): void - store instance under name, or under instance name by default
  • clear(string $name): void - clear instance
  • clearExcept(array $keep): void - clear all except provided names
  • clearAll(): void - clear all

Where object refers to any instance of any class.


Any suggestions, bug reports or general feedback is welcome. Use github issues and pull requests, or find me over at


All Parable components are open-source software, licensed under the MIT license.

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