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templates install nginx and enable http direcotry listing with a password May 18, 2019 add the autosclaing and launch_configuration May 18, 2019 add the data resources May 18, 2019 add a instance profile May 18, 2019 add the label module May 18, 2019 add he local variables May 18, 2019 add the username and password outputs May 18, 2019 add the provider May 18, 2019 add the http password May 18, 2019 instance security group May 18, 2019 add the vpc and subnets May 18, 2019

Cloudwatch Agent example

Important! This is just an example that should not be used in production as is. https encryption is ommited for simplicity. Before using this example please have a look at and adjust it accordingly if needed.

This example will spin up an instance which will install and configure an nginx webserver along with CloudWatch Agent. The nginx webserver will provide a basic auth password protected directory listing. The http username and password will be shown on stdout when terraform apply is finished.

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