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Docker Vault Autoloader

This is an example of how to use a docker entrypoint to automatically load keys from Hashicorp's Vault based on an a single environment variable.

This is meant as an example of my way of loading up environment variables from an external source at application runtime. This example uses Vault but it could easily be adapted to work with etcd, zookeeper, etc


Define your environment variables

Put all your environment config in the app_env file or set a different one with the $APP_ENV_FILE variable.

You will use vaultenv to get the values for the keys you want.

example app_env file:

export PG_USER=$( vaultenv postgres/user )
export PG_PASS=$( vaultenv postgres/password )
export FOO=BAR
export ANOTHER_FROM_VAULT=$( vaultenv another/from/vault )

Run the container

The entrypoint will run your command wrapped in with_app_env which will load your app_env first and pass off to the CMD for the container.

docker run -e VAULT_TOKEN=123abc -e APP_ENV=production docker_vault_autoloader


Your Vault is namespaced as secret/{environment}/{keypath}

Examples Vault paths:

'secret/development/postrges/password' => 'mysecurepassword'
'secret/production/application/oauth/stocktwits' => 'mystocktwitstoken'

All of your environments have the same key names



Provided Tools


vaultenv will return the value of the given key path namespaced to the $APP_ENV


vaultenv postgres/password => returns the value of secret/development/postgres/password


with_app_env is used by the entrypoint that sources the $APP_ENV_FILE and passes off to the passed in command


with_app_env bash => loads the environment from $APP_ENV_FILE and then gives you a bash shell

Container Environment Variables

Variable Description Required?
VAULT_TOKEN The vault token to use for Vault calls YES!
VAULT_ADDR The vault address to connect to YES! (default: http://vault:8200)
APP_ENV The environment name to load from vault YES (default: development)
APP_ENV_FILE The file that defines what keys to load from Vault NO (default: /tmp/app_env)

How does this work?!

The with_app_env script is set as the container entrypoint. It sources the $APP_ENV_FILE and then passes off to the CMD. This loads the environment.

So if your CMD is bash, when you run the container.. it actually runs this:

with_app_env bash

Inside the $APP_ENV_FILE you can use vaultenv to get values for keys from vault. vaultenv uses the $VAULT_ADDR and $VAULT_TOKEN to get the value of the keys passed to it. vaultenv takes the $APP_ENV and uses it to construct a path based on the key passed to it. So a call like this: vaultenv postgres/password returns the value from vault at the location of: secret/{$APP_ENV}/postgres/password


Well, if you run an application that needs many secrets passed to it, you will quickly get tired of defining all the environment variables at runtime from the command line (especially if you run multiple environments that have different keys each). So I thought it would be nice to just pass in the environment and let the container fetch its keys from Vault directly at run time and load its own environment. That's what I did.


Loading vault secrets into your docker container environment automagically




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