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@paradajz paradajz released this Feb 27, 2020 · 25 commits to master since this release

DISCLAIMER: This release is not compatible with official OpenDeck boards (non-Arduino/Teensy ones) which use LUFA Mass Storage bootloader unless they're flashed with HID bootloader or if bootloader isn't used.

New features

  • Received program change messages are now synced with internal program change value
  • Added experimental support for STM32F4 Discovery board


  • More informative flashing and firmware update scripts


  • Fixed broken PWM on certain LEDs on official OpenDeck board


  • Replaced TravisCI with GitHub actions
  • Switched to Unity Test framework from GoogleTest for faster compile times
  • Added support for more custom boards (Jamiel, Jose)
  • Added the ability to have custom board-specific start-up LED animation (compile time)
  • LTO is now always used on all AVR boards
  • Refactored board software layer, refactored bootloader
  • Forced the usage of GNU tools on macOS to avoid issues


  • Offline version attached
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