LED control

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LEDs connected to OpenDeck board can be controlled in two ways:

1) Using received note velocity and CC parameter (MIDI In control)

2) Local control

See here for info on configuring each mode.

Both ways have one thing in common: activation note parameter. When LEDs aren't controlled locally, the board listens to incoming MIDI note events. If received MIDI note matches specified activation note, action then depends on received velocity. Table below shows correlation of velocity and LED state/color:

Velocity range Color
0-15 Off
16-31 Red
32-47 Green
48-63 Yellow
64-79 Blue
80-95 Magenta
96-111 Cyan
112-127 White

Note that when RGB LED isn't enabled, any velocity which doesn't turn the LED off will simply turn single-color LED on (color is ignored).

LED blinking

LED blinking can only be activated when using MIDI In control. To control the blinking, a CC parameter with same number as activation note must be sent to the board. Table below shows correlation with CC value and blink state:

CC value Blink state
0 Off
1-127 On

Local control

When local LED control is enabled, LEDs are controlled with buttons and FSR sensors connected to the board instead of received MIDI events. Note that buttons only send velocity 0 when released and 127 when pressed, so if RGB LED is enabled, only white color can be controlled this way (see velocity table above). When using FSR sensors and local LED control, RGB color depends on pressure applied to FSR sensor.