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This tracks development for the things such as scripts and (defaults for) config files for Bedrock Linux
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Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco userland

This is the bulk of the userland for Bedrock Linux. Further information can be found at

Specifically, this is the README and files for the third alpha, Bosco. More information about this release of Bedrock Linux can be found here:

You should probably read everything there before continuing to do anything with these files, if you have not already. The instructions in this README are not sufficient on their own.



First, unpackage the files in the location you would like Bedrock Linux to be installed. If you received this as a tarball, you can run:

cd /path/to/bedrock's/root/directory
tar xvf bedrock-userland-1.0alpha3.tar.gz

Or, if you are cloning this from git:

cd /path/to/bedrock's/root/directory
git clone .
mv * .. && cd ..

Compile binaries

To compile Bedrock Linux's binaries, run (as a normal user or root):


If you get an error about a missing library (such as sys/capabilitiy.h), install the corresponding package and try again. On Debian-based systems, the package for that specific library is libcap-dev.


Once you succeed in compiling, run (as root):

make install

If this complaints about setcap, install the package which contains setcap and try again. On Debian-based systems, the package for setcap is libcap2-bin.

This will install the compiled binaries, ensure the directory structure isn't missing empty directories (as git does not track them, they can easily be left behind), and sets permissions.


If all of the above worked, there are some left over files you are free to remove, such as:

  • the tarball itself, if you received this as a tarball
  • the ".git" directory, if you received this through git
  • the contents of the src directory
  • the README and LICENSE files (if you have them - the tarball should not come with them)
  • the Makefile
  • the script

You can manually remove those of these you'd like, or if you prefer, you can use the following to remove all of them (as root):

make remove-unnecessary

Other components

You will still need to install the other components (the bootloader, the kernel, and busybox), go through the configuration files, add users, and add clients. See URL at the top for instructions on how to go about doing this.


If you'd like to develop with this, note that:

You can use the script to get a list of busybox commands used in the userland. This provides the minimum required busybox applets.

The following will clean up files which could have been created in development that we don't want to track in git (things which are set in .gitignore):

make clean

You can use the following to create a tarball:

make package

Note "make package" will remove things you want to keep in the repository but not in the tarball, such as this README - be sure to reset the changes before your next commit.

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