Python wrapper for SciDB queries
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SciDB-py: Python Interface to SciDB

SciDB-py is a full-featuered Python interface to SciDB. It's goal is to allow users to utilize the power of SciDB from Python, using a familiar and intuitive numpy-like syntax. For more information, see the SciDB-Py Documentation.


SciDB-Py requires a working SciDB installation, as well as a Shim network interface connected to the instance. It requires Python 2.6-2.7 or 3.3.

Package Dependencies

SciDB-Py has several Python package dependencies:

tested with version 1.7.
tested with version 2.7. (Note: known failures exist when used with requests version < 2) Required for using the Shim interface to SciDB.
Pandas (optional)
tested with version 0.10. Required only for importing/exporting SciDB arrays as Pandas Dataframe objects.
SciPy (optional)
tested with versions 0.10-0.12. Required only for importing/exporting SciDB arrays as SciPy sparse matrices.

Test Dependencies

Required for some tests


NOTE for different versions of SciDB The master branch of this repository tracks the latest release of SciDB. To get a version of SciDB-Py that works with SciDB version 15.7 or older, choose the scidb15.7 branch.

Installation steps

The latest release of scidb-py can be installed from the Python package index:

pip install scidb-py

Install the development package directly from Github with:

pip install git+

The latest release of scidb-py can be installed from the github "", "master" branch by downloading the code and typing:

python install

Depending on how your Python installation is set up, you may need root privileges for this.


This work has been supported by NSF Grant number 1226371 and by Paradigm4.