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Paradigm Improvement Proposals (PIPs): new feature suggestions, enhancements, etc.
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Paradigm Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

Paradigm Improvement Proposals (PIPs) describe standards and specifications for enhancements to the Paradigm Protocol. This repository serves as a common location where anyone can submit a spec or description for a new feature or general enhancement to the protocol. It also provides a venue for community members and the Paradigm team to discuss proposals, and collaborate on implementation.

Please read the "Submitting a PIP" section of this readme before opening an issue with your enhancement.

You can view accepted (both final and draft stage) proposals in the PIPs folder, or here.

Link to issue template.

Submitting a PIP

PIPs are proposed and discussed as issues in this repository. If you would like to submit a proposal for discussion and consideration, please open an issue with a descriptive title following the template issue.

Good proposals are:

  • Specific:
    • Keep the scope of your proposal as narrow as possible for the suggestion you are making.
    • You shouldn't be suggesting major protocol-wide architectural changes as a PIP.
    • Make it clear what your proposal addresses, and the effect(s) it would have if implemented.
  • Concise:
    • Be clear and to the point; you can assume your audience is already familiar with the protocol and the specifics of it's current implementation.
    • Don't make your proposal longer than it needs to be, but do provide background information as necessary.
  • Complete Ideas:
    • You should only submit a PIP when you have a fully developed idea; there are more appropriate venues for initial brainstorming.
    • Your proposal should demonstrate you have thought through the change(s) and implications of what you are suggesting.
  • Reasonable:
    • Proposals should suggest changes that address issues or add value to the protocol. Don't suggest a change simply for the sake of doing so.
    • Examples of reasonable proposals:
      • A change to the transaction compression algorithm that increases overall efficiency.
      • Addressing a potential security vulnerability in the consensus rules.
      • Addressing naming inconsistencies within Paradigm's codebase.
      • Aligning implementation details with the specification.
    • Examples of less reasonable proposals:
      • Suggesting the integration of smart-contract scripting or a cryptocurrency to the OrderStream network.
      • Changing the name of a major package or application component.
      • Making major, breaking changes to core consensus or validation rules.

Specifications are helpful and will speed up the PIP review process. If you submit a PIP, you are expected to be active in that issues thread; people will likely have concerns or questions about your proposal. The point of this repository is to facilitate meaningful discussion and support collaboration on implementation details.

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