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Soma RSS feed builder

This is an automatic RSS feed builder that I wrote for my Jekyll powered site, I've tried to make it as generic as possible but I didn't spend too much time working on making it out-of-the-box friendly.

As of now it's been hard-coded in a way that it only works on physically present .html files, as I wrote it for me, so it won't work for on-the-fly generated pages, though it should be extremely easy to modify it so it does. The easiest option would be to use Drakma or any other HTTP library to pull the generated page from the web instead of reading .html files.

The parsing (if you can call it that) is extremely simple as the information that is needed to create the RSS feed is not that complicated to extract. I felt it better to just write my own quick and dirty solution rather than take up time reading the API of a parsing library.