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Distributed Metamorphic Robots
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RoFI - Metamorphic Distributed Robots

Project website:

RoFI is a platform of modular robots developed at Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. The platform is designed for building larger robots (RoFIbots) from a small number of module types.

The modules of the platform can connect together using RoFI dock. Mechanically connected modules can communicate over TCP/IP and share power.

For an in-depth description of the RoFI platform see the related work below.

Related Work

Repository Structure

The repository is structured in directories according to components of the project. Each components usually contains two directories: software and hardware. The hardware directory contains CAD drawings of mechanical constructions or electronic circuits. The software directory contains firmware, libraries, etc.

There are following parts of the RoFI project:

  • RoFICoM - the self-contained connector mechanism used by modules to connect and form a firm mechanical connection and establish communication and power-sharing lines.
  • Universal module - the foundational module of the platform demonstrating the capabilities of the platform.


See licensing information.

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