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RoFI - Metamorphic Distributed Robots

Project website:

RoFI is a platform of modular robots developed at Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. The platform is designed for building larger robots (RoFIbots) from a small number of module types.

The modules of the platform can connect together using RoFI dock. Mechanically connected modules can communicate over TCP/IP and share power.

For an in-depth description of the RoFI platform see the project website.

Repository Structure & Getting Started

If you are interested in building your modules or development of the platform, please refer to the project documentation:

You will find all the necessary information about building and using the project there. For a brief reminder of the compilation process, see:

$ source <Configuration> # Setup your shell for compiling the
                                  # project in a configuration
$ rcfg --list                     # Show available compilation suites
$ rcfg <suiteName>                # Configure given suite
$ rmake --all                     # Compile all configured suites or...
$ rmake <targetName>              # Compile given target or...
$ rmake tools/                    # Compile all configured targets from source prefix


See licensing information.