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FORKED to support jackson 2.6.*: Jackson extension to add support for the generated constructors of Project Lombok objects
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Jackson Lombok

Forked from

Supports Jackson 2.6.*

This repository contains extension for Jackson which allows better interoperability with Lombok classes.

The JacksonLombokAnnotationIntrospector allows Jackson to serialize and deserialize classes with constructors that are annotated with the java.beans.ConstructorProperties annotations. Lombok will automatically add this annotation to the constructors it generates.


Add the JacksonLombokAnnotationIntrospector to the Jackson ObjectMapper in the following manner.

new ObjectMapper()
    .setAnnotationIntrospector(new JacksonLombokAnnotationIntrospector());

Now you can serialize and deserialize Lombok objects with generated constructors like the following class.

private static class ImmutablePojo {
    String name;
    String string;

##Installation Add the following maven depency


##Licence All files are provided under an MIT license.

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