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A clutter terminal emulator in python
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A clutter based terminal written in pure python (no vte lib).

This is a work in progress and it's far from ready for every day use.

What's working ?

  • Clutter / Pango support with python3 using introspection lib
  • Asynchronous communication with underlying pseudo terminal using select
  • Pango markup for color
  • 256 colors support
  • Shaders can be applied to the terminal surface (try it with F1-F6)
  • Smooth terminal cursor
  • Visual effect on bell
  • Most of useful xterm escapes are implemented

What's not

Almost everything else:

  • Remaining xterm escapes
  • Bugs in escapes handling
  • Text selection
  • Escapes lexer need optimisation and clean up
  • Text rendering is slow
  • Resize does not always work
  • Several bindings need to be added

Want to contribute ?

You are more than welcome, just fork it and make me pull request with a little explanation of your modifications.

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