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cyberorg commented Jan 4, 2012

This is an enhancement request, please make graph style selectable by user, bar/circular.

I get only monochromatic shades of greys, can we set colors for each mount point?


darkxst commented Jan 20, 2012

I do plan to add a bar graph option for disk usage at some stage.

changing colours is not possible via the gui, however you can change the colours by editing this line in extension.js:903

this.colors = ["#444", "#666", "#888", "#aaa", "#ccc", "#eee"];

l300lvl commented Feb 2, 2012

I also had this 'problem' and I just update to the newest to try and solve it. I'm happy to see I can now change from the grey, but is there any way to change the 'thickness' of the graphs, as mine appear much larger than that in your ss?


darkxst commented Feb 3, 2012

you could try change
let thickness = (2 * rc) / (3 * this.mounts.length);
let thickness = (2 * rc) / (3 * 7);
and adjust the 7 to get the size you want


darkxst commented Feb 8, 2012

thickness of rings is now fixed in 170c45d

l300lvl commented Feb 8, 2012

darkxst: Sweetness, thanks. I had to test that out right away and am glad I did.

kedmond commented Aug 14, 2012

darkxst: Thanks a lot for such a great applet. I adjusted the colors, as you explained in your previous post, so thanks for that. However, I don't understand why your screenshot looks the way it does. Each bar has multiple colors, for example. What does that mean, exactly? All 3 of my bars, or partitions, have a single color...


darkxst commented Aug 14, 2012

that was a very old screenshot, and it used to display memory information etc in the pie chart. I finally got around to updating the screenshot now, so hopefully that saves some confusion.

darkxst closed this Aug 14, 2012

darkxst reopened this Aug 15, 2012

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