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Version 1.2.0

@paragonie-scott paragonie-scott released this
· 423 commits to master since this release
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Be sure to read the release announcement.

  • #46:
    You can now specify meta tags for blog posts.
  • #57:
    Our Database class can now connect to UNIX sockets. Set the hostname to
  • #65:
    You can now add database connections to the local database connection pool.
    You can also add database connection pools for app-specific purposes.
    In the future, we'll support more than just PostgreSQL.
  • Database connections are now lazy instead of eager, which should result in
    less overhead on HTTP requests that don't use additional databases. (In our
    cabins, this affects nothing.)
  • #67:
    Blog posts are now linked from the Bridge.
  • #69:
    Added a dedicated log for the auto-updater.
  • #70:
    Added a faster install option for deploying an Airship in a hurry, with the
    sane defaults we provide.
  • #77:
    Fixed responsive UI/UX warts (i.e. small links and buttons).
  • #80:
    If the GD extension isn't loaded, render QR codes for two-factor
    authentication as SVG instead.
  • #88:
    The installer now uses Zxcvbn to enforce a minimum password strength for
    administrator accounts.
  • Added more input filters for one-dimensional arrays consisting of a static
    type (e.g. int[] will return a one-dimensional array of integers).
  • Unhandled exceptions now display a static page outside of debug mode, which
    is a little better for UX than a white page.