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Drivers and Supported Encryption Primitives #2

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paragonie-scott commented Jan 10, 2016

  • Libsodium
    • Asymmetric key exchange: X25519 (crypto_kx())
    • Asymmetric signatures: Ed25519 (crypto_sign())
    • Asymmetric encryption: Key exchange then symmetric encryption (crypto_box())
    • Symmetric encryption: Xsalsa20-Poly1305 (crypto_secretbox())
    • Symmetric authentication: HMAC-SHA512/256 (crypto_auth())
    • AEAD: ChaCh20Poly1305 (crypto_aead_chacha20poly1305_*())
    • Key splitting: HKDF-BLAKE2b
    • Key derivation (from passwords): Argon2 (crypto_pwhash_*())
  • OpenSSL
    • Asymmetric key exchange:
      • 256-bit ECDH over NIST P-256
    • Asymmetric signatures:
      • 256-bit ECDSA over NIST P-256
    • Asymmetric encryption (not sure which would be better):
      • ECDH then symmetric encryption
    • Symmetric encryption: AES-CTR + HMAC-SHA2 (or HMAC-SHA3)
    • Symmetric authentication: HMAC-SHA2 (or HMAC-SHA3)
    • Key splitting: HKDF-HMAC-SHA-2 (or HMAC-SHA3)
    • Key derivation (from passwords): PBKDF2-SHA2 (or SHA3) with 86000 iterations
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