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WARD: Web Application Realtime Defender

What is Ward?

Ward is a security apparatus developed by Paragon Initiative Enterprises, LLC to prevent web applications from being compromised. It combines several utilities (often sold as separate products) into one:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): Ward inspects and rejects malicious traffic before it hits your web application. This comes with powerful features including:
    • Lightning: Ward blocks only relevant threats to the products (and versions of products) in use.
    • Aegis: Adds security headers (Content-Security-Policy, Hypertext Strict-Transport-Security, etc.).
    • COMING SOON: White Magic: Ward learns what "good" traffic looks like and rejects anything anomalous. In learn mode, White Magic utilizes machine learning to build whitelists.
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Security Patch Automation

Installing Ward

To install Ward, first you need to have an active subscription. After subscribing, you will be asked to provide an SSH public key, which will grant you read-only access to the Ward repository.

Next, you'll want to import our GPG public key, which we use to sign our tags.

gpg  --keyserver --recv-keys 7F52D5C61D1255C731362E826B97A1C2826404DA

Once your subscription is active, run the following 4 commands:

git clone
cd ward
git tag -v stable && git checkout stable
sudo ./ "license key goes here"

This will kickoff the setup procedure, setup the cron jobs, and initialize the database. You may have to restart your webserver (Apache, nginx, etc.) for the WAF to take effect.

Adding a Site to Ward's Scope

To add a site to Ward's protection scope, simply run the following command:

ward addsite

This will prompt you for basic information about your website.

You can, optionally, provide some or all of these arguments to the ward addsite command like so:

ward addsite \
    --name=MyShoppingPage \ \
    --port=443 \
    --dir=/var/www/my-shopping-page/public_html \


Online Documentation for Ward (Web Application Realtime Defender)



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