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Latest Release:
Robomongo 0.9.0 Final (30 Sep, 2016)
Robomongo 0.9.0:
Major Features:
- Support for MongoDB 3.x and WiredTiger engine. Robomongo now embeds MongoDB 3.2 shell.
(Ability to use the latest shell functionality)
- SSH tunnel support for connections added.
- SSL tunnel support added.
- MongoDB Atlas (Cloud MongoDB) support added.
- Both MONGODB-CR and SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanisms are supported.
- Allow direct connections to Replica Set members and support IPv6 protocol.
- Loading of huge list of collections is now faster.
- Create Collection dialog is now expandable to support all advanced options.
(Supporting all major mongoDB versions 3.2, 3.0, 2.6 and all storage engine types (WiredTiger
and MMAPV1) is added.)
- Windows High DPI support.
- Full size editor with dockable output window.
- Incorrect representation of floating-point numbers (fixed since RC3). This bug was a reason of a big number of issues:
#910, #748, #697, #699, #760, #815, #870, #892,
#894, #905, #945, #974, #978, #990, #831, #842
- SSH connection failure to servers on Ubuntu and OS X with the following error:
"Resource temporarily unavailable. Error when starting up SSH session: -8" (#1090)
What's new in 0.9.0 Final (30 Sep, 2016)
New Features:
- Full size editor with dockable output window.
- New JSON object context menu items: "Copy Name" and "Copy Path" are added.
- New database context menu items: "Current Operations" and "Kill Operation" are added.
- Minimize to Tray Icon for Windows.
Other Changes
- Cloud platforms Compose, mLab and Amazon EC2 were tested and added as supported platforms.
- Maximize/Restore result button behavior and icon have been improved.
- For better code quality and code reviews, Robomongo Code Quality and Robomongo Code Review pages have been created.
What's new in RC10 (Aug 8, 2016)
New Features:
- SSL connections with advanced options are now supported.
- MongoDB Atlas (Cloud MongoDB) is supported.
- Cross Platform High DPI enhancements.
- For better security, OpenSSL has been upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p.
- Qt has been updated from Qt 5.5 to latest Qt 5.7. With this update there are many
enhancements including cross platform High DPI support.
What's new in RC9 (May 30, 2016)
New Features:
- Create Collection dialog with advanced options.
- New feature has been added to save/restore window sizes. (#1102)
- Connection settings from previous versions of Robomongo are
now automatically imported starting from Robomongo 0.9.0 RC9. (#1086)
- Support for querying documents by UUIDs is added, both in legacy and new encoding. (#432)
- SSH connection failure to servers on Ubuntu and OS X with the following error:
"Resource temporarily unavailable. Error when starting up SSH session: -8" (#1090)
- Correct handling of create/drop of databases and collections. (#1083)
What's new in RC8 (April 14, 2016)
What's new in RC7 (March 4, 2016)
What's new in RC6 (February 13, 2016)
What's new in RC5 (February 8, 2016)
What's new in RC4 (February 1, 2016)
What's new in RC3 (January 29, 2016)
What's new in RC2 (January 26, 2016)
What's new in RC1 (January 17, 2016)
0.8.5 / March 10, 2015
Release 0.8.5 is now deprecated because of a critical bug, that is
described here:
We recommend to use Robomongo 0.9.0 or newer.
* [Stephen Steneker]
- OS X build fixes for XCode 5 / libc++ (#524)
- OS X specific keyboard shortcut tips (#505)
- View documents fail if collection name is "group" (#414)
- Problem with slash in collection names (#404)
- Add shortcut to open JS file (#408)
- Fullscreen mode not working on OS X (#519)
- Usability request - add initial curly braces to command bar (#506)
- TTL index should allow expiry of 0 seconds (#500)
- Add line numbers to JSON editing windows on OS X (#449)
- Add user preference to have line numbers displayed by default (#564)
- Space after document causes validation error (#544)
- Expand current server as soon as you connect to it (#405)
- Switching tabs using standard keys on OS X (#87)
- Cannot make the Edit Document Window smaller (#548)
- Consistent numbering for tree/table/text view items (#421)
- Reload Query with keyboard shortcut doesn't work (#551)
- Rename "Reload" to "Re-execute query" (#447)
- Add "Copy Timestamp from ObjectId" to context menu for ObjectId fields (#559)
- Bug: Type of Double changed to Int32 on save document (#622)
- "Duplicate Query In New Tab": add to Window menu with keyboard shortcut (#631)
- No errors logged if settings directory cannot be created or settings file cannot be written to (#636)
- Show execution time for operations that don't return results (#455)
- Disable broken "Copy Collection to Database" misfeature (#398)
* [Vladimir Belozyorov]
- View mode reset to default after no results (#509)
- Comment / uncomment selected code in the shell (#467)
- Passphrase and password should be hidden in authentication tab (#433)
- Cursor initialization - place between curly brackets for default find({}) query (#592)
- Include full date/time for log entries (#596)
- Option to disable selected code autoexecution when opening a new tab (#514)
- Tooltip fixes to match current keyboard shortcuts (#598)
- Expand/collapse multiple selections (#591)
- Changes in toolbars visibility are saved in config file (#457)
- Include connection name under shell tabs (#47)
* [Sergey Gavruk]
- SettingsManager typo (#558)
- Ability to disable autocompletion (#512)
* [Kanstantsin Kamkou]
- Increase display width for limit & offset input fields (#458)
* [volans-]
- CreateUserDialog.cpp: fixed typo in warning message
* [Andres Kievsky]
- Added new app icon in a variety of png and iDraw formats (#693)
* [Michael Steinacher]
- Retina text display support (#724)
0.8.4 / November 27, 2013
Read about updates in this version here:
* SSH support (#117)
* SSL support (first steps) (#100)
* Create or edit index problem (#341)
* Regexp error (with non-latin symbols) (#351)
* Support for latin characters in edit document console (#347)
* Robomongo fails to execute shell "comments" if the comment contains a non-latin character! (#334)
* Crash when add ISODate field (#350)
* Crash at executing several disconnections in a row (#290)
* Deleting multiple documents prompts for each document (#386)
* Connection context menu appears independently of position of Robomongo instance.
* Crash at pressing "Ctrl+T" without any connection.
* SSH now works on Mac OS X Mavericks (#401)
* Fixed crash when parsing date (#356)
* Selected view mode of result panels now preserved between executions. Implemented by Vladimir Belozyorov ( (#402)
0.8.3 / October 1, 2013
Read about updates in this version here:
* Enable query logging (#108)
* Inserting multiple documents from UI (#173)
* Removing multiple documents from UI (#174)
* Retain current view mode when running search (#93, #79)
* Left panel collections/functions/users navigation doesn't work when authenticating against the DB (#282)
* A way to disable Alt + number shortcut (#192)
* Support mongodb 2.4.x style users (#139)
* Add "Copy JSON" menu item to context menu (#298)
* JSON list validation (#246)
* Crash creating new Database (#291)
* Incorrect handling of TTL Indexes (#313)
* Add the document _id in the tree view (#142)
* BSON Undefined type doesn't rendered to string correctly (#306)
* Entering incorrect symbols as database name isn't handled properly (#262)
* Ability to select UI theme
* We now show number of fields (inside objects) and number of items (inside arrays) in Tree View.
* Support for Mac OS X 10.6 (#287)
* Support for Mac OS X 10.9 (#254)
0.8.2 / September 13, 2013
Read about updates in this version here:
0.8.1 / September 6, 2013
Read about updates in this version here:
* Table Mode (in this version, only for the first-level fields in documents) (#72)
* Paging Widget tweaks (#247, #203, #244, #243)
* ~/.robomongorc.js file is loaded automatically when new shell is opened
(c:\Users\Name\.robomongorc.js for Windows)
* "Load .mongorc.js" menu item in "Options" top-level now allow to enable/disable loading
of ~/.mongorc.js file. By default it will not load this file.
* Batch Size now configurable (in this version only manually via ~/.config/robomongo.json)
* JSON parser doesn't correctly parse numbers when locale isn't en_EN (#246, #253)
* "Display Dates In" options doesn't saved/loaded correctly (#261)
* [Linux] Support for CentOS
* [Linux] Linux packages now takes 2x less space (10mb instead of 20mb)
* [Windows] Desktop icon isn't created despite corresponding checkbox was checked at installation. (#260)
* [Windows] Invalid symbols in installer for Windows if display language of system isn't English (#259)
0.8.0 / August 23, 2013
Read about updates in this version here:
* Ability to save and load files for currently opened shell (#96)
* MongoDB Index management (#74)
* Expand all children recursively (#106)
* Ability to toggle line numbers (press F11) for any editor in Robomongo (#112)
* View Mode settings is persisted now (thanks, Luke Thompson!) (#114)
* Search capability for any editor in Robomongo - press (Ctrl + F) (#32)
* Timezone support: UTC or Local (#224)
* Auto-complete on "Tab" (#95)
* Fixed incorrect handling of Dates (#111)
* Fixed incorrect handling of collections with leading underscore (_) symbol (#109)
* Fixed incorrect rendering of float numbers (#115)
* Fixed incorrect handling of Int64 numbers (#157)
* Fixed incorrect parsing of DBRef sub-objects (#113)
* New build system, based on CMake. Greatly simplified build and package process.
* Qt updated to 5.1 version.
* QScintilla updated to 2.7.2 version.
0.7.1 / April 13, 2013
* Fixed crash when right-clicking on non-primitive elements in Tree View (#85)
* Alt + Cmd + Arrow for switching tabs on Mac (#82)
* Several minor bugs fixed (including #82)
0.7.0 / April 4, 2013
* Support for UUIDs (read more:
0.6.9 / April 3, 2013
* Password is hidden by default (#65)
* Fixed incorrect rendering of large values for the db.stats() results (#70)
* Collection names with invalid (for JS var name) characters now rendered correctly (#71)
0.6.8 / April 1, 2013
* Support for '~/.mongorc.js'
* Various Mac OS X UI fixes
* Fixed crash when pressing Ctrl + W (#60)
* "Copy Value" context menu item for documents in Tree View
0.6.7 / March 26, 2013
* Fixed creation of new tabs based on the current one. Before this fix initial
database for new tab wasn't identical to the "parent". (#56)
* Support for collections that starts from digits (#54)
* [Sergey Gavruk] Duplicate Collection feature (Collection -> Duplicate Collection
* Collection -> Reindex will not run immediately, as before
* Fixed incorrect disposing of tabs resources (connections etc.) (#42)
* [Stephen Steneker] Fixed KeepAlive invalid commands, when not authorised (#41)
* [Sergey Gavruk] Various Mac OS X UI fixes.
0.6.6 / March 23, 2013
* Fixed possible crash when viewing results in text mode (#34)
* Fixed possible crash when testing connection (Diagnostic window)
* Memory leak in explorer's database tree fixed.
0.6.5 / March 17, 2013
* Fixed "Dropped connection" issue (#28).
* Windows Installer now be used to destribute Robomongo.
0.6.4 / March 10, 2013
* Support for JS functions. Create/Edit/Remove/View.
* Loading indicators (three dots for now) for Server, Collections, Functions and Users.
* Count indicators for Server (number of databases), Collections, Functions and Users.
* No need to type "functionName.toString()". You can output source of function
by simply typing its name (like in the shell).
* Support for RegEx, Code and CodeWScope bson elements. But you still cannot edit
documents which contains Code or CodeWScope bson elements.
* About dialog added.
0.6.3 / March 5, 2013
* Script execution can be stopped (this works only for JS code in SpiderMonkey VM) (#23)
* Toolbar buttons shown only if needed (#21, #20)
* MongoDB Connections window opens when application starts.
* Some changes in menu items locations (#25, #26)
* View Mode buttons moved to Options menu.
* Full Screen and Logs functionality hidden right now (postponed for versions after Robomongo 1.0)
0.6.2 / March 4, 2013
* "Users" folder now shows list of users.
* User can be added (Database -> Add User)
* User can be edited (User -> Edit User)
* User can be removed (User -> Remove Users)
* Users can be refreshed (Users (folder) -> Refresh Users)
* List of users can be viewed in the shell (Users (folder) -> View Users)
0.6.1 / March 2, 2013
* Minor script editor and viewer tweaks
0.6.0 / Feb 28, 2013
* Database can be created from UI (Server -> Create Database)
* Database can be dropped from UI (Database -> Drop Database)
* Collection can be created from UI (Database -> Create Collection)
* Collection can be dropped from UI (Collection -> Drop Collection)
* Collection can be renamed from UI (Collection -> Rename Collection)
* All documents can be removed from UI (Collection -> Remove All Documents)
* Minor tweaks in naming of context menu items.
0.5.7 / Feb 27, 2013
* Support for Custom View Modes. First custom view implemented for "db.printCollectionStats()" query. You
still can view multiple output results, even if one of them presented in custom mode.
* "Show Log" context menu item for servers in Explorer.
0.5.6 / Feb 26, 2013
* Support for one-line MongoDB commands ("show dbs", "show collection", "use somedb" etc.). This commands can
be repearted (this will result in multiple output results) or they can be used together with ordinary JavaScript.
The only rule: this command should be the only text on the line, starting from the very beginning of the line.
* Refresh of databases and collections via "Refresh" context menu item.
* This version of Robomongo is the first version compiled in release mode. It works much more faster and uses lower
amount of memory.
0.5.5 / Feb 22, 2013
* New document can be added in a more user friendly way. There are two ways to do it:
1) Right-click on collection in Explorer and select "Insert Document"
2) Right-click at any place of Tree View and select "Insert Document"
* Better formatting of JSON with correct indention.
* Support for ISODate(...) factory function in JSON parser and builder. Date in JSON mode now always
displayed as ISODate(...), like in the shell. Document Editor accepts dates in two forms:
as "new Date(<millisecs>)" and "ISODate(<iso_8601_date_string>)" (this behaviour identical to MongoDB shell behaviour)
* Document editor implemented. Right-click on document in Tree View and select "Edit".
* Document viwer implemented. Right-click on document in Tree View and select "View".
* You can delete selected document in Tree View. (Right-click and select "Delete")
* Validation of JSON in Document Editor/Viewer with error report, highlighting of errors and
cursor positioning just where error is.
* Fixed problem with "signed" dates (dates before Unix Epoch) (#5)
* Fixed problem with UTF-8 (#17)
* Fixed problem with loading indicator in Explorer (#18)
0.5.2 / Jan 26, 2013
In this version autocompletion in Robomongo becomes mostly usable.
* AutoCompletion box now placed just near text you typed (in correct line and column)
* AutoCompletion now works in the middle of the text (not only at the end of line, as before)
* Ctrl + Space will trigger autocompletion for symbols under cursor.
* If you select function in autocompletion box, their open parenthesis will overwrite existing in the text, if such available.
0.5.1 / Jan 24, 2013
* Several autocompletion tweaks.
0.5.0 / Jan 24, 2013
* AutoCompletion. First version.
* Progress indicator for shells.
* Shell result panels now have equal size, if this is possible.
* Code cleanuped a bit.
0.4.6 / Jan 11, 2013
* Tooltip for collections with count and size.
0.4.5 / Jan 8, 2013
* WARNING: configuration file schema changed. Some properties will be
empty in Connection Settings Dialog. Please fill them again.
* Connection test (diagnostic) implemented.
* Indicators in the shell: current server, database and collection (if available)
This indicators are "real" - they respect your actual query.
* Execution time measurement. Displayed for each individual output result.
* Paging for each output result with respect to filtering, ordering, fields,
limit, skip etc. of actual text query (pilot version).
* Connection cloning support in Connections Dialog.
* Databases and collections now displayed in sorted order.
* Batch size extended to 50 documents.
* New shape of Shells.
* New shape of Connection Settings Dialog
* New shape of Connections Dialog.
0.4.0 / Dec 26, 2012
* No more "type 'it' for more results" when we have more than 20 objects in collection.
* Two global modes added - text and tree modes. Switch between them using F3 and F4.
* Two local modes added - text and tree modes. Switch between them using small
icons on Output panels for each resultset.
* Improved performance of json creation (from list of documents).
* Tooltips for tool buttons added.
* Maximization of output panel implemented (via small icon at the top right of output panel)
Click second time to restore back.
* Fix for not working Ctrl-O key shortcut (that opens Connections menu).
0.3.5 / Dec 25, 2012
* Context menu for server, database and collection.
* Tab management (Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+F4)
* Context menu for tab
* Submenu for Connect button with connections.
* Hotkeys for first 9 connections (Alt+1, ..., Alt+9)
* Connections reordering via drag'n'drop in Connections dialog.
* Correct focus placement when opening new connection and switching tabs.
* Bonus: F12 - opens connections menu from any place.
* Memory leaks fix.