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An MPI/OpenCL-based Acceleration Ecosystem for HPC and Cloud-computing platforms.
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pFaces is a generic Cloud-ready, multi-compute-platform accelerator for parallel algorithms. pFaces is a commertial acceleration ecosystem that runs on many compute platform, from embedded systems to clusters in the Cloud. Here, we provide here a demo version of pFaces with limited functionalities so that developers and interested users can prototye their codes before launching it in the full version of pFaces.

More about pFaces can be found in pFaces Wiki.

Downloading pFaces

You can find the latest version of pFaces (demo) in the releases section.


First, download the pFaces version that works with your current operating system form the releases section. Then, follow the install instruction in pFaces Wiki/Installation

Kickstart Examples

Download and install pFacaes and then read pFaces Wiki/Getting Started

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