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@HackbrettXXX HackbrettXXX released this 14 Sep 11:34
· 19 commits to master since this release

This release brings long awaited improvements to the html function and many other bugfixes and improvements. Thanks to all contributors!

  • #3203: Add width and windowWidth options to the html method, which will make correct scaling much easier.
  • #2977: Add/implement margin option for html method and add autoPaging option with two different modes: 'slice' and 'text'.
  • #3169: Add setLineDash and lineDashOffset to context2d.
  • #3039: Add rowStart and cellStart events and headerTextColor property to `table' function
  • #3132: Fix possibly negative line widths in context2d.
  • #3217: Fix setFont with fontWeight parameter for the built-in basic fonts
  • #3173: Fix violation of strict mode.
  • #3121: Improve addImage performance.
  • #3124: Allow to pass RGBA array to addImage.
  • #3135: Fix possibly imbalanced render target stack with form objects.
  • #3148: Add getDrawColor function to typings.
  • #3149: Fix font name escaping.
  • #3150: Throw an error when a zero size canvas is passed to addImage.
  • #3168: Fix word spacing after justified text.
  • #3215: Fix nullability of style arguments of geometry methods.
  • #3108: Complete the jsPDFOptions type in the typings.
  • #3119: Improve typings of the output function.