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Prop Loader for iOS


The Prop Loader iOS application (for iPhone or iPad) provides a wireless download interface to a Parallax Propeller. The Prop Loader takes pre-compiled binary images (Propeller Application Images) and transmits them to a Propeller that is connected to an XBee Wi-Fi S6B module. The Propeller Application Images must be created and saved by a separate Propeller compiler or development system running on any platform.

The Prop Loader was a first step in creating an iOS-based development system for the Propeller- it represents the downloader portion of the project, whereas the SimpleIDE_iOS app provides the editor and compiler portion. It is likely that the Prop Loader's core code will be included within the SimpleIDE_iOS app when it's complete.



  • Mike Westerfield developed the Prop Loader iOS app and was a vital part of experiments and discussions.
  • Jeff Martin developed the final protocol employed by the downloading process, documented, and released it.
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