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v2.1.0: Multi-partition FAT; Improved Build System

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@DavidZemon DavidZemon released this 03 Apr 06:09
· 185 commits to develop since this release


  • Undefined reference with GCC5+
  • Support Raspberry Pi and provide binary distribution as Debian package
  • Compilation failure in COG mode on fixed versions of PropGCC
  • Stop setting C/C++ standard manually and use CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD
  • FAT Filesystem classes fail if there are multiple partitions on the device
  • Support CMake 3.4+
  • Provide rc_time equivalent on PropWare::Pin class
  • Provide standalone package with necessary CMake files for independent CMake dist.
  • Simple library's libwavplayer is not compiled with speed optimization
  • Provide EEPROM class
  • Need create_library function similar to create_executable
  • Create function to view binary size
  • FatFS: Support partitions other than 0
  • Add Spin support to CMake build system