Assets 7

Various incremental updates to improve PropBASIC coverage.

  • Add PropBASIC manual to help menu
  • Add support for multiple builders per language definition
  • Add *.plib extension for included PropBASIC files
  • Report correct extension patterns in open/save dialogs
  • Rewrite save dialog to better support multiple filetypes; prevent build
    action from disabling when file contents have changed.
  • Rewrite program logic to clearly delineate on/off states of various file
  • Clear project view when all files are closed
Assets 6

This version adds PropBASIC support as a natively supported alternative language.

  • Specify search paths for executables on the command line
  • Fix crash bug when compiler fails to start
  • Improvement line error highlighting file resolution
  • Add 'includes' option to prevent user from adding includes when the language doesn't support it
  • File and path dialogs list any language now
  • Compiler configs are loaded automagically
  • FreePascal support added to packthing
  • Add support for reading PropBASIC error messages
  • Add support for multiple compilers in build manager: build steps; propbasic; external compilers
  • Implement ExternalCompiler class for generic compiler support
  • Add ProjectView support to PropBASIC definition
  • Dynamically highlight depending on file extension
  • Make Classic sans Parallax font the new Default theme
  • Print ANSI color codes on platforms that support it
  • Prevent closeFile from crashing PropellerIDE
  • Add basic printing support
  • Add Jason theme to PropellerIDE (nice going, Jason!)