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Common Module Library

Name Done Function
oh_8b10b_decode N 8b10b decoder
oh_8b10b_encode N 8b10b encoder
oh_abs Y Absolute value calculator
oh_add Y Binary adder
oh_arbiter Y Configurable arbiter
oh_bin2gray Y Binary to gray converter
oh_bitreverse Y Bitreverse circuit
oh_clockdiv Y Combinatorial clock divider
oh_clockgate Y Clock gater
oh_counter Y Binary counter
oh_crc Y CRC encoder
oh_csa32 Y Carry save adder 3:2
oh_csa42 Y Carry save adder 4:2
oh_csa62 Y Carry save adder 6:2
oh_csa92 Y Carry save adder 9:2
oh_datagate Y Data gater
oh_debouncer Y Button debouncer
oh_dsync Y Data synchronizizer
oh_edge2pulse Y Converts edge to pulse
oh_edgealign Y Fast/slow clock alignment
oh_edgedetect Y Configurable edge detector
oh_fall2pulse Y Converts falling edge to pulse
oh_fifo_async Y Asynchonous FIFO (dual clock)
oh_fifo_cdc Y Clock domain crossing FIFO
oh_fifo_generic Y Generic synchronous FIFO
oh_fifo_sync Y Synchronous FIFO
oh_gray2bin Y Gray to binary converter
oh_iddr Y Dual data rate input buffer
oh_lat0 Y Latch on low clock
oh_lat1 Y latch on high clock
oh_memory_dp Y Dual ported memory
oh_memory_sp Y Single ported memory
oh_mux12 Y Twelve port mux
oh_mux2 Y Two port mux
oh_mux3 Y Three port mux
oh_mux4 Y Four port mux
oh_mux5 Y Five port mux
oh_mux6 Y Six port mux
oh_mux7 Y Seven port mux
oh_mux8 Y Eight port mux
oh_mux9 Y Ten port mux
oh_mux Y Generic n-port mux
oh_oddr Y Dual data rate output buffer
oh_par2ser Y Parallel to serial converter
oh_parity Y Parity calculator
oh_pulse2pulse Y Pulse to pulse CDC circuit
oh_rise2pulse Y Rising edge to pulse converter
oh_rsync Y Reset synchronzation circuit
oh_ser2par Y Serial to parallel converter
oh_shifter Y Bit shifter
oh_standby Y Standby circuit
oh_stretcher Y Pulse stretcher