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GPIO: General Purpose Software Programmable IO


  • Input pins accessible through GPIO_IN register read
  • Output pins controllable through GPIO_OUT register writes
  • Vector wide "OR" interrupt on edge detection
  • Maskable input data and interrupts
  • Special And/or/xor register access modes for atomic control of output pins


Register Name Addr[6:3] Access Default Description
GPIO_DIR 0x0 WR L Direction(0=input, 1=output)
GPIO_IN 0x1 RD n/a Input pin value
GPIO_OUT 0x2 WR L Output pin value
GPIO_OUTCLR 0x3 WR n/a Output = output & ~value
GPIO_OUTSET 0x4 WR n/a Output = output "or" value
GPIO_OUTXOR 0x5 WR n/a Output = output ^ value
GPIO_IMASK 0x6 WR H Interrupt mask (1=mask)
GPIO_ITYPE 0x7 WR n/a IRQ type (0=edge,1=level)
GPIO_IPOL 0x8 WR H IRQ polarity (1=rising edge/high)
GPIO_ILAT 0x9 RD L IRQ Status (1=latched irq)
GPIO_ILATCLR 0xA WR n/a Clears ILAT(1=clear)


  • clk
  • active low async reset
  • emesh register access interface
  • IO pin interface (in/out/tristate)


  • AW : address space width (32/64)
  • N : number of IO (1-64)



cd $OH_HOME/gpio/dv
./	               # build with Icarus
./ tests/test_regs.emf   # run test
gtkwave waveform.vcd           # open waveform


  • Verilog


  • Andreas Olofsson


  • MIT
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