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olajep assembly-opt: Fixes for Pubuntu / ESDK 2016.11
Single-core version works. Can't test multicore version.

	* Don't create SREC. Replace e-as use with e-gcc to
	get preprocessor.
	* Likewise.
	* Don't use sudo.
	* Likewise.
	* src/host_main.c (main): Load elf file instead of srec. Don't
	call e_reset_core.
	* src/host_multi.c: Don't call e_reset_core. Load elf file.
	* src/matmul_assembly.S: Adjust for user label prefix change
	from "_" to "" in ESDK 2016.3
	* src/matmul_internal.ldf: Likewise.
	* src/matmul_internal_multi.ldf: Likewise.

Signed-off-by: Ola Jeppsson <>
Latest commit d1546d9 Nov 15, 2016
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src assembly-opt: Fixes for Pubuntu / ESDK 2016.11 Nov 15, 2016 assembly-opt: Fixes for Pubuntu / ESDK 2016.11 Nov 15, 2016
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Matrix Multiplication

Parallel Matrix multiplication of two matrices following Cannon's algorithm


Implementation is based on the examples provided by Adapteva

Host side:

  • Initializes the operand matrices and transfers it to the shared memory
  • When device signals completion of execution, host reads the result matrix from shared memory

Device side:

  • Reads the operand matrices from the shared memory and distributes it among all the device side cores
  • Per-core matrix multiplication code written in hand-tuned assembly code using the Epiphany Instruction set
  • Cannon's algorithm is used for allocation of blocks of operand matrices to the cores and the blocks are rotated around rows and columns of cores
  • For block sizes less than 32 x 32, double buffering is used. For blocks of size 32 x 32, an alternate buffering scheme is implemented due to limited per-core memory

Further details of implementation can be found in:

Tested on the Epiphany-IV evaluation module


Single-core version

Configure the parameters accordingly in src/defs.h and run:

$ make single

Multi-core version

Configure the parameters accordingly in src/defs_multi.h and run:

$ make multi


Single-core version

$ ./

Multi-core version

$ ./

Result matrix will be written to output/


GPL v3


Contributed by Anish Varghese (Built upon example code by Yaniv Sapir)

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