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# For the app to run successfully, you'll need the `GRAPHENEDB_URL` set.
# Point to either your local neo4j install or an external service, like Graphene.
# In this example, `neo4j` is the username, and `tgh4536` is the password
# replace with your credentials.
# full url should be wrapped in double quotes
# Used when running the `$npm run resetdb` task, to clear the neo4j database.
# To set this variable correctly, find the graph.db file for your installed neo4j instance.
# You can find this path either by:
# 1) running `brew info neo4j` if installed with Homebrew or
# 2) running `locate *graph.db` if you have the locate db already built and indexed
# 3) by running `sudo find / -name graph.db` (warning: this command may take some time to complete)
# where to store images: either locally, using `fileSystemUploader` value,
# or on Amazon S3 instance using `s3Uploader` value.
# Defaults to fileSystemUploader. `s3Uploader` requires other AWS env variables:
# determines if sound in the UI is played.
# Defaults to 1 / true.
# Meteor listens to file changes + automatically triggers Meteor's build on any file save.
# Default is 1 (true). On slower dev machines, this might make sense to disable
# during heavy refactoring, as each rebuild also triggers a browser refresh
# Note, even if this is set to false, node process will still compile+build templates
# but at least localhost will not automatically refresh, saving resources.
# used to identify a canvas by ID as readonly.
# This can be a comma separated list of multiple canvas IDs or just a string with one canvas Id.
# whether to display Meteor's build time performance numbers in terminal, when starting Meteor server
# This is useful for debugging why build times take longer, if there is a package
# or step in the build process that is taking a disproportionate time to build
# Default is 0, for disabled
# To enable, switch to 1 (true)
# If you are using Kadira tools, set these variables
# more info:
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