Shared event emitter between native and JS for React Native.
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Shared event emitter between native and JS for React Native.

Uses iOS NotificationCenter and RN DeviceEventEmitter to provide a seamless global event bus between native and React Native.


Screenshot of the example app


// listen to event posted to NSNotificationCenter by native code
var eventName = GlobalEventEmitter.UIApplicationNotifications.UIApplicationDidEnterBackgroundNotification;
GlobalEventEmitter.addListener(eventName, (data) => {

// event available on NSNotificationCenter for native code
var eventName = "UserDidLoginFromJS"
GlobalEventEmitter.emit(eventName, {name: 'John'});


  • addListener: Add a listener for an eventName and pass a callback function.
  • emit: Emit events to native/JS globally.
  • removeListener: Remove a listener by passing the eventName and the reference to the original callback function.
  • removeAllListeners: Stop listening to all events of a particular eventName.


Use your preferred method of including the library in your app.


Try the included example:

git clone
npm install
open iOS/RNTGlobalEventEmitter.xcodeproj

Then Cmd+R to start the React Packager, build and run the project in the simulator.


Param Aggarwal (


MIT License