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asteroid 0.5.1 by paramat
For Minetest 0.4.14 and later
Depends default
Licenses: Code MIT. Media (textures) CC BY-SA 3.0
See license.txt for license information

Suitable for use as a stacked realm that adds to core mapgen.
A realm of asteroids and comets is created in the volume chosen by parameters.
2 perlin noises of differing scales create interpenetrating large and small structures.

Asteroids have muliple layers, outer to inner: dust, gravel, cobble and stone with ores.
Asteroid stone is rich in iron, mese crystal, copper, gold and diamond.
By crafting, stone can be broken down into cobble, cobble into gravel and gravel into dust.
Asteroid stone can be crafted to bricks, stairs or slabs.

Comets have layers of snow and ice blended with asteroid structure depending on depth below surface.
Comets are surrounded by a misty atmosphere of water vapour which hides the nucleus from view.
The atmosphere has a smoother shape than the comet it surrounds.
Comet ice and snow can be crafted to default:water_source.

Both have weblike 'fissure' cave systems.
Craters have obsidian buried under the dust, formed by impact energy.


asteroid:stonebrick x 4

asteroid:stonebrickslab x 4

S = asteroid:stone
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