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Hi there,
It appears that Paramiko does not work with "RequiredAuthentications2 publickey,password" option in OpenSSH_5.3p1 on Centos 6.3.

Looking at the logs it appears that it sends on authentication type but never sends the other:

sshd[16481]: Accepted password for test from port 57946 ssh2
sshd[16482]: dispatch_protocol_error: type 90 seq 5


some more information:

DEB [20130225-09:38:58.599] thr=1 paramiko.transport: userauth is OK
INF [20130225-09:39:04.189] thr=1 paramiko.transport: Authentication continues...
DEB [20130225-09:39:04.189] thr=1 paramiko.transport: Methods: ['password']
DEB [20130225-09:39:04.290] thr=1 paramiko.transport: EOF in transport thread


my mistake, I was initializing the private key incorrectly.

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I'm going to reopen this:

On like 454 of
it should be: allowed_types = self._transport.auth_publickey(username, key)

@nevins-b nevins-b reopened this Feb 25, 2013

In addition to that line... The lines having (allowed_types == ['password']) should be rewritten ('password' in allowed_types) which I have addressed in my fork. Please let me know if this is useful to you

Pull Req:


Linking this to #412 in case they're the same issue (sounds like probably)


Rolling this into #467

@bitprophet bitprophet closed this Nov 4, 2015
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