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medecau commented Oct 30, 2016

This pull-request:

  • adds test environment for python 3.5
  • removes redundant pip command from tox.ini

Tox automates the creation of virtualenvs for each configured interpreter. Generates a package distribution according to And finally installs that package in each environment before running the tests.

It is one of tox's features to also test dependencies are in place when running tests.

@medecau medecau adds test environment for python 3.5
removes redundant pip command from tox.ini
coveralls commented Oct 30, 2016 edited

Coverage Status

Coverage increased (+0.08%) to 74.289% when pulling 1134084 on medecau:fix_tests into 7366f96 on paramiko:master.

@bitprophet bitprophet referenced this pull request Nov 1, 2016

Pypy support #837


Thanks for this & the other ticket!

We don't fully support the tox.ini right now; I just haven't really wanted to remove it after somebody added it 🙁 Unsure if I want to keep fielding PRs to it or remove it (or spend the time to figure out if I want to instead embrace tox after all...) - will have to think about it.

Re: PyPy (#837) - I've never explicitly tested Paramiko on PyPy, but now that we are using on the backend, I wonder how well it would work. (One of the crypto principals is also a PyPy developer.)

If you want to update travis.yml so it adds PyPy cells, then at least we can see how Travis+PyPy runs the PR's branch and get a sense :) if it's happy I may then just merge the whole PR.

@bitprophet bitprophet added a commit that closed this pull request Dec 19, 2016
@bitprophet bitprophet Changelog closes #866, closes #838 f52a68e

Cherry-picked the superceding #866 back to 1.17. Still includes Python 3.5 testing on Travis; changelog credit included. thanks!

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