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Version 3.5.1 (07/12/2021)
{0} in strPage displayed as such in ja localization
Version 3.5.0 (07/01/2021)
npm module
fix pq namespace in
Modularize localization files
Add package.json
css in modern frameworks
sorted header cell color is white same as background
header gradient style missing
Version 3.4.1 (06/24/2017)
frozen columns not rendered when all unfrozen columns are hidden
paste doesn't work in modal dialog
Excel export: unable to add new sheet
formulas unnecessarily called for summary rows
Knockoutjs bindings
Version 3.4.0 (03/15/2017)
width of spanned merge columns large than sum of width of constituent header columns with flex. (Chrome)
pq.extend faulty this._super
Range.value set and get 2 dimensional array.
group.collapse and group.expand API work like toggle
alignment of group titles when column.align is center or right
column.groupable is not working
refreshColumns used o.colModel instead of that.colModel
IE focus issue with editModel: {tab:'nextEdit', save: 'nextEdit'}
Shift key turns sorting into multiple sorting permanently.
Default sort dir should be 'up'
missing {0} in strRpp in some Localization files.
IE pager input box enter key doesn't cause page change
left, right keys don't work in in FF numeric editor with filterKeys.
Options: autofill, fillHandle, groupModel.summaryInTitleRow
Events: beforeFillHandle
Decoupling of Sorting/ grouping.
Version 3.3.5 (01/10/2017)
combined use of copy: false and hidden: true cause incorrectly hidden columns and incorrectly assign widths to columns in Excel export
width of spanned merge columns large than sum of width of constituent header columns
unable to edit custom aggregates when it returns a string
make editable column uneditable during paste in beforeValidate event.
Paste -> undo, leaves that column cells dirty
filter doesn't work correctly for dataType: 'stringi'
stripe rows doesn't work with appendRow (used by vertical scroll )
exportRender: true doesn't work with boolean values
state issue wrt hidden columns
Missing left columns and horizontal scrollbar during fast enlargement of table
sortModel.multiKey default value of "shiftKey" turns multi column sorting into single column sorting incorrectly.
Methods: refreshCM, group() { addGroup, collapse, collapseAll, collapseTo, expand, expandAll, expandTo, removeGroup }
Events: beforeGroupExpand, groupChange
Scrolling with mouse drag outside the viewport
Ctrl-click on grouping toolbar expand/collapse all levels after that level.
Polyfill for Array ( forEach, find, findIndex, map )
Version 3.3.4 (11/16/2016)
incorrect merged cell colspan/rowspan with hidden columns/rows in frozen pane.
removal of remaining zIndex() calls from editor and tooltips.
multiple selections when shift key is pressed while selectionModel.mode = "single".
scrollRow() last row in grid with horizontal scrollbar, height="flex" and virtualY -> top row removed bug
hidden columns state included in saveState/ loadState.
Version 3.3.3 (10/23/2016)
missing scrollbar in parent grid when there is only single row in case of nested grids.(cRefresh)
Html export of multi page grid with merge cells (cMerge.getRootCell)
Remote paging - when empty results are returned - pager not updated (remoteRequest)
Row selections retain same rowIndx but different rowData on sorting/filter.(Selection.renew)
Version 3.3.2 (08/07/2016)
Angularjs grid: ng.pqgrid.js
error when click on svg in cell
bring back functionality to add/ remove rows upon ctrl key with mouse click
fix to window resize with multiple grids in same document (also patch fix)
performance improvement for filtering of large dataset
Version 3.3.1 (05/28/2016)
jQuery.noConflict and use of $
touch stops working by double touch
horizontal cell merging for > 1 GM.dataIndx
Continuation symbol (...) while hwrap
filter rows with large number, data1.push.apply throws error
Version 3.3.0 (03/12/2016)
options: column: { exportRender, format, formula, groupable, groupChange, nodrag, nodrop, parent, summary.edit },
groupModel: { fixCols, grandSummary, header, headerMenu, menuItems, merge, on, showSummary, summaryEditable, titleDefault},
summaryData, summaryOptions, summaryTitle,
toolbar.items[]{ type=textarea, value, listener(direct without event type.)}
methods: exportData, group, groupOption, refreshToolbar, reset, pq.formatNumber, pq.aggregate: {avg, count, max, min, sum}, Range.merge, Range.unmerge
events: beforeExport, columnDrag, complete, exportData, filter, group, selectEnd
Custom themes including bootstrap.
options: groupModel: { icon }, column: { summary.type }
context of all toolbar events and callbacks changed to grid instance from jQuery object.
numberCell based on rowIndx instead of rowIndxPage.
jQueryUI dependency >= 1.11.4
jQUery 2.x compatibility.
Right click loses selection.
tracking not required for checkbox selection column.
loadState should be able to work with missing columns in new colModel.
Column grouping: a) parent also hidden when first child node is hidden.
b) parent should be removed from view when all child nodes are hidden.
Tracking: Add a new row, undo all. Records left in updateList.
In IE missing borders of merged cells & relative positioned cells.
if a column has copy:false then that and all next columns are not copied.
toggle restore state in IE loses previous state.
clean unfiltered rows upon refreshDataAndView.
rendering of view with virtualY and paging.
custom sorting for non-string dataTypes also.
deep clone for nested objects in columnTemplate.
trigger load event before any other event.
file: bootstrap.ui.css
options: bootstrap
methods: exportExcel, exportCsv
groupModel: { summaryCls, titleCls }
Version 3.2.0 (10/12/2015)
options: freezeBorders, realFocus, mergeCells, trigger, bubble,
column.cb.check, column.cb.uncheck,
editModel.onTab, editModel.onSave,
methods: search, cut, clear, on, one, off, pager, vscrollbar, hscrollbar,
isValidChange, toolbar, focus
New constructors for widgets: pq.grid, pq.pager, pq.scrollbar
New Objects: Range, Selection
options: column.render, rowInit, column.postRender, column.editor=false, column.dataType="object"
methods: addRow, updateRow, deleteRow allow multiple records, param name changed to newRow
editInvalid param added to isValid.
exportExcel, exportCsv: new params added: render, source
getChanges({format:'byVal'}) also provides cell level changes and oldRow.
context of all callbacks changed to grid instance from jQuery object.
'checkBoxSelection': renamed to type='checkbox', dataType mandatory, use instead of check event to bind selections with checkbox, column.title and column.render can be implemented to override default renderers.
tooltips invisible in maximized state when body has position:relative
page gets sluggish after large paste operation.
scrolling of summary row when cell in main table is edited.
checkbox cells become checked while row remains unselected.
checkbox for type='checkBoxSelection' in grouped column header.
multiline editor with height:'flex' in IE8.
normal font-weight in toolbar and filter row.
assignment of dataIndx for column.type='detail' before initialization of this.colIndxs
column.dataType= 'object' for column.type='detail'
Methods: selection generic methods,
Events: rowSelect, rowUnSelect, cellSelect, cellUnSelect, beforeUnCheck, beforeCheck
Version 3.1.0 (07/15/2015)
options: column.postRender, postRenderInterval
In IE, toggle button in nesting grid throws error.
click on vertical scrollbar causes more than one page move.
vertical scrollbar not visible at borderline cases in virtualY mode.
vertical scrollbar causes oscillation in viewport at the bottom in virtualY mode.
In batch editing, 1. make a change 2. Delete the row. 3. Undo. The dirty triangle doesn't show up.
set virtualX, virtualY after init
minimize toggle button breaks the fluid layout of document.
Version 3.0.0 (06/29/2015)
Bootstrap support
pqgrid.bootstrap.css & pqgrid.ui.css files
Assignment of colIndx = -1 to number cell.
<td> in header cells changed to <th>
options: bootstrap, flex, maxHeight, rowInit, sortModel, dataType: 'stringi',
column.editor callback can return other type of editors ('textbox', 'textarea', 'select', etc to support different editors in different rows.
column.filter.condition callback
methods: flex, sort, saveState, loadState
Events: more arguments in beforeSort, sort
cellClick on numberCell with colIndx of -1
ui.source argument in refresh.
Removal: virtualXHeader
Changes: load event fires before view refresh.
filterModel.type="local" by default
beforeSort, sort event fire when sort method is called directly or indirectly through header cell click or remote request with pq_sort parameters. Previously they were fired only while local sorting via header cell click.
Fixes: Removal of unfiltered rows when set new
getRowIndx should not search through unfiltered rows.
In IE, cell click on lower most cell causes viewport scoll when virtualY: true.(1068)
column.filter.type=callback throws error (1131)
setting groupModel to null should show the hidden rows.(828)
row/cell selection covers the dirty cell triangle. (1179)
Browser zoom causes misalignment in grouped columns with virtualXHeader = false. (1082)
grouping on blank values. (1150)
mouse wheel scrolling on grid should not prevent default when scrollbar reaches edge.
options: dataModel: {sortIndx, sortDir, sorting}, sortable
events: dataIndx argument in beforeSort & sort events.
Version 2.4.1 (03/20/2015)
Text same color as background in some themes e.g., Le-frog
Header filter fields cut off when column widths change due to flexContent:true
Header filter fields width are incorrect when column.width in %
last column auto should work only with virtualX:true
sort event not firing with local sorting
Error is thrown if grid is destroyed with pending remote request.
refresh method of scrollbar.
rowData in editor.getData callback.
Lazy draggable with resizable columns for performance.
Firefox scroll with height:'flex'
export to excel broken with hidden columns.(column._width)
Version 2.4.0 (02/16/2015)
New component pqSelect.
New classes pq-no-capture & pq-native-select
sub-options: scrollModel.flexContent
selectionModel {native, fireSelectChange}
groupModel: titleCls, summaryCls
column.editor {dataMap, mapIndices}
column.validations type:'neq'
swipeModel.speed reduced from 50 to 20
groupModel.title[i](can be callback)
column.summary.title[i](can be callback)
Fixes: scrollModel autoFit imperfection w.r.t last column and vertical scrollbar.
virtualXHeader: false w.r.t filtering.
footer controls of nested grid inaccessible in Firefox.
slow scrolling in IE, Firefox, touch tablets. (changed margin* to scroll* and layout of panes)
Header filtering with scrollModel.autoFit could affect the widths of columns in other grids on same page.
Version 2.3.0 (11/24/2014)
options: virtualXHeader, warning
collapsible: {toggle, css:{zIndex}}
column.cb {all,header} replace selectionModel {cbAll, cbHeader}
column.validations {warn}
editModel { pressToEdit: true, onSave: 'next', warnClass: 'pq-cell-blue-tr pq-has-tooltip' }
height: 'flex'
width: 'flex'
isValid: {checkEditable}
Methods: attr, copy, paste, removeAttr, data, removeData, toggle
Events: toggle,beforeCheck,beforeunCheck, check, unCheck
editModel: {invalidClass: 'pq-cell-red-tr pq-has-tooltip'}
Deprecated: flexWidth, flexHeight
Fixes: copy/paste for Mac,
filtering and history work together,
validation callback was not called when value null.
filterKeys for Firefox.
Version 2.2.0 (09/13/2014)
options: pasteModel, column.copy, historyModel
Methods: history, getInstance
Events: beforeValidate, change, history, selectChange
options: editModel, validations.type:'nonEmpty', track replaced by trackModel, toolbar.items.listener
methods: isValid, addRow, updateRow, deleteRow, isDirty
DnD columns with use of columTemplate and array data
numberCell resize fix
last row selection with grouping
Version 2.1.0 (05/27/2014)
options: virtualY, swipeModel, columnTemplate, column.maxWidth, editModel.onBlur
height, width of grid can be in px, % or %+-px
column width, minWidth, maxWidth can be in px or %
Methods: collapse, expand, getCellsByClass
Events: editorBegin, editorBlur, editorEnd, editorFocus, editorKeyDown, editorKeyPress, editorKeyUp, refreshCell, refreshColumn, refreshRow.
Non virtual mode (virtualX = false, virtualY = false) by default.
saveEditCell can return null when no cell is being edited.
editModel.onBlur replaces quitEditMode event way to save blurred cells.
Event refresh {type:'row'} changed to refreshRow
collapsible is an object instead of boolean.
cells, editors vertical middle align
divs removed from cell layout
Events: cellEditKeyDown, quitEditMode
updateRow, refreshRow for rows in master grid.
dataModel.location = local in master grid
empty row grouped data when no data.
touch-punch: prevent touch on jqueryui cancel & allow native click (to support focus on dynamic controls) by selective preventDefault.
Version 2.0.4 (02/26/2014)
filter conditions: between, range, regexp, lte, gte, notbegin, notend
updateRow, getData
selectionModel: all, cbAll, cbHeader
scrollModel: theme
rowSelect, rowUnSelect, cellSelect, cellUnSelect, pq-sb-vert, pq-sb-horiz
Version 2.0.3 (12/04/2013)
New features:
Nested grids & detail View (rowExpand,rowCollapse,rowInvalidate,detailModel)
multiple Selections with mouse drag.
IE7: group title, DnD headers, resizable handles.
Firefox: DnD headers (droppable areas)
Migration steps:
Move paging properties from dataModel to pageModel.
Version 2.0.2 (10/22/2013)
quitEditMode missing keys added
getCellIndices change from $td to {$td:$td}
Migration steps:
View needs to be refreshed manually
Version 2.0.1 (10/10/2013)