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A simple URL shortener
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Link shortener


1pt is currently a standard URL shortener, but soon it will be like no other URL shortener out there. Currently, users can input a long URL like and expect a shortened URL like that points to said long URL.

The goal for this project is to allow users to generate smart & dynamic links where links can point to different destinations based on factors like user agent or country. For example, a link like would point to the Play Store on all android devices, the App Store on all iPhones and iPads, and the app website on all desktop devices.

The vision is to create something like IFTTT, where users can choose from a wide variety of factors that influence where a link will point to.


The endpoint at is free to use. Just append your long URL to the end of the link, and the PHP will spit out a short 4-letter string.[4-letter-code] will redirect to the original URL.

Feature Requests

Feel free to suggest a feature or idea, but just remember to add the enhancement label to it.

This project was initiated by Param Thakkar as a school project
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