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A dynamic URL shortener
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Link shortener



1pt is a URL shortening service that allows users to create dynamic URL forwarders. Users can generate smart links that point to different destinations based on factors like user agent or country. For example, a link like could point to the Play Store on all android devices, the App Store on all iPhones and iPads, and the app website on all desktop devices.


Endpoint Method GET
Parameter Requirement Description
url Required The long URL to shorten
custom Optional Request a custom short URL
desktop Optional Specific redirect for all desktop devices
apple Optional Specific redirect for all iOS devices
android Optional Specific redirect for all Android devices
mobile Optional Redirect for mobile users if the OS is undetermined or is something other than Apple/Android)

For example, a request to will return a random 4-letter string like an5n. In that case, is your short URL that redirects to If you request a custom short URL and it doesn't return that URL, it's already taken. So will return MyWebsite if it's available, and a random 4-letter string if it isn't.

This project is maintained by Param Thakkar
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