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A reddit bot that evaluates memes and predicts growth on r/MemeEconomy
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Summon the bot by replying with !breakeven to any of its comments. The bot will do some calculations and reply with the current break even point of the meme
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MemeAdviser is a reddit bot that analyzes the market at r/MemeEconomy and gives insightful information.


Logs the front page

As soon as a post hits #1 on the front page, it records the time it took and the amount of upvotes with which it reached there. Everything it's collected and recorded can be found here.

Posts promising memes to r/InsiderMemeTrading

If the post has a low number of upvotes at the time, it posts the link to r/InsiderMemeTrading and provides the break-even point for any investment made during that time. These can be found here.


The bot lets users subscribe to it. When it finds a promising meme, it messages the link to everyone that's subscribed. It also provides a more in-depth analysis of the meme. Currently, redditors can subscribe to the bot by sending a private message to u/MemeAdviser with the text "Subscribe" as the subject and body.

Coming Soon

You can expect many more features to come, including:

  • Calculating the current break-even point of an investment when it is summoned with !breakeven
  • Monitoring more of the front page (like top 5 or top 10 on hot)
  • Allowing users to !watch a post, which will send updates to the user for the next 4 hours
  • Automatically updating the formula the official one


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