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A tutorial worksheet on Autolayout made for the Mobile Developers of Berkeley Training program
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AutoLayout Tutorial

A tutorial worksheet on Autolayout made for the Mobile Developers of Berkeley Training program.

It covers

  • Using Interface Builder (IB) to set constraints
  • Settings constraints programmatically
  • Writing constraints to handle different size classes
  • Writing constraints to allow rotation
  • Stack Views

Using the Worksheet

On the master branch, all storyboard view controllers are empty, and the StoryboardViewController and AutoLayoutViewController are unimplemented.

To fill in the worksheet

  • Build the UI for the AutoLayoutViewController programmatically using NSLayoutConstraint and UIStackView.
    • Use traitCollections to handle rotation
  • Use Interface Builder (IB) to build the view for StoryboardViewController
    • Use constraint customizations to handle rotation for iPhones
    • Use IBOutlet and IBAction to hook up the UILabel and UIButton to work properly
      • The UIButton should change the text of the UILabel to say "Hello"

Solutions to the worksheet can be found on the solutions branch


  • Don't forget to use view.safeAreaLayoutGuide
  • If XCode is telling you that your constraints are ambiguous, that means you don't have enough of them
  • XCode can suggest constraints to you
  • Remember the priority property of NSLayoutConstraint
  • Don't forget to set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints to false for each programmatic view


Storyboard View

Storyboard Picture

Programmatic View

Storyboard Picture
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