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stremovsky committed Jan 31, 2020
1 parent f8a8423 commit fdff9ae36177983346c718ec0a4ab73e0e6e182b
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@@ -2,6 +2,16 @@
# allow to create user object without login
create_user_without_token: true
# specifies if admin/DPO is required to approve user deletion
forget_me: false
# specifies if admin/DPO is required to approve user profile change
user_record_change: true
# specifies a list of app-data objects user can change without approval
app_record_change: ["*"]
# specifies what consent briefs user can withdraw without admin/DPO approval.
# accepting consent does not require admin/DPO approval.
consent_withdraw: ["*mail*", "*phone*", "*sms*", "*news*"]
# this should be an iternal url that receives user consent change requests
# user details are send as POST data

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