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Pomodoro timer plugin for Xfce4 panel.
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Pomodoro plugin for Xfce4 panel

This bash script uses xfce4-genmon-plugin and libnotify to create a simple Pomodoro timer for Xfce4 panel. After xfce4-genmon-plugin is added to the panel - it should point to the script

To configure parameters please go to and configure:

size - Icon size in pixels

pomodoro_time - Time for the pomodoro cycle (in minutes)

short_break_time - Time for the short break cycle (in minutes)

long_break_time - Time for the long break cycle (in minutes)

cycles_between_long_breaks - How many cycles should we do before long break

notify_time - Time for notifcation to hang (in seconds)

The icons are stolen form

Instructions for XUbuntu (and probably other XFCE from the family)

  1. Download or clone repository
  2. Install xfce4-genmon-plugin: # apt-get install xfce4-genmon-plugin
  3. Right click on your XFCE panel, go to Panel => Add New Items...
  4. Search for Generic Monitor, and select it
  5. Right click on newly added monitor in panel, and select Properties
  6. In new window enter path to to Command field
  7. Uncheck Label
  8. Set some smaller period in seconds. This is refresh/recheck period.
  9. Set font large enough to see remaining time clearly.
  10. Click on your new panel item
  11. Stop procrastinating and start working :)

Happy Pomodoro !!