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Added a rule-seq macro that groups rules into a vector named rule-sequence.

The purpose of having such a macro is that it will provide the necessary hook for a Leiningen plugin to generate CSS files. I have already begun the project. Anyone using this plugin, however, must also use the fork I made of cssgen which contains the rule-seq macro. It would be ideal to merge the macro into cssgen's core so that users of the Lein plugin can simply use the original cssgen dependency.

FYI, feature to watch files and generate CSS files on modification is on the way. :)

Michael Drog... added some commits Oct 11, 2012
Michael Drogalis Added a rule-seq macro to group rules and generate a rule-sequence va…
…r. This var can be used by extensions to generate CSS files based on the rules in the var vector.
Michael Drogalis Snapshot version for Clojars. ee46cd8
Michael Drogalis Revert "Snapshot version for Clojars."
This reverts commit ee46cd8.
Michael Drogalis Docstring for the macro. 6ad8b5c
Michael Drogalis Revert "Revert "Snapshot version for Clojars.""
This reverts commit 7586673.
Michael Drogalis Version bump. 9f1afbf
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