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Minimal logging library for Clojure

I don't like clojure.contrib.logging. I like even less log4j and the rest of Java logging paraphernalia. I just want to log.

I like to log to standard error output (read this to get an idea of why) so that's the default for justlogit.


There are six log levels: fatal, error, warn, info, debug and trace. For each one there are two macros named level and level-t. To the first style macros you pass arguments as in clojure.core/format. To the second class of macros, you pass a Throwable as first argument.


(fatal "A bad thing happened: %s, aborting" (get-bad-thing))

will output something like

FATAL 2011-04-05T19-55-06.859 [your-ns]: A bad thing happened: bad thing, aborting

If you want to log a Throwable instance, use:

  (catch Exception e
    (warn-t e "So, what now")))

Which will produce something like

WARN 2011-04-05T19-55-06.859 [your-ns]: So, what now
java.lang.Exception: transaction rolled back: foooooo
 at clojure.contrib.sql.internal$throw_rollback.invoke (internal.clj:142)
    clojure.contrib.sql.internal$transaction_STAR_.invoke (internal.clj:169)

Advanced use

If you don't want the defaults you can customize the behaviour using both context macros and global setters:

(set-log-level :warn)
; warn is set as minimum log level globally.
; calls of lower priority won't be logged (nor evaluated)

(with-log-level :warn
  ;inside this context the minimum log level is set to :warn
  ;and everything is back to normal now

(set-log-writer my-writer) ;sets the global OutputStreamWriter to use for logging

(with-log-writer my-writer
  (do-your-thing))  ;scoped writer

You can also customize the log format, using a function that returns the logged string. This function takes a map with keys: :level: (Keyword), :timestamp (java.util.Date), :namespace (String), :message (string), :throwable (optional Throwable instance)

;set a new formatter globally
(set-log-formatter #(str "Broken: " (:message %)))

;scoped formatter
(with-log-formatter #(str "Broken: " (:message %))
  (debug "I'm here"))



Copyright (C) 2011 Sebastián Galkin

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.