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N.B.: You *must* run
ruby bundle
ruby bundle exec rake upgrade_instiki
after installing the new software, to enjoy the benefits of this new version.
* 0.20.1
New Features:
* Supports both \mathcal{} AND \mathscr{}
via itextomml 1.5.5.
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixes incorrect font-path in 0.20.0
* 0.20.0
New Features:
* Enable native MathML in Safari 10.1 (or, really, any browser
with good-enough MathML support)
* Bundle the STIX Two fonts (no more user font problems!)
* MathJax 2.7
Bugs Fixed:
* Several well-formedness issues fixed
* Updates to SVG-Edit
* 0.19.8
New Features:
* Embedding Youtube videos: [[pusX8MuWmbE:youtube]] or [[pusX8MuWmbE | 640 x 390 :youtube]]
* URL fragments in Wikilinks: [[foo#bar]]
* More mobile-friendly
* "Changes" feed
* Supports Ruby 2.0-2.3
* Passenger 5 compatibility
* MathJax 2.6.1
* SVG-Edit 2.8.1
* Bundler 1.11.2
Bugs Fixed:
* Fix some page-expiry bugs
* Additional spam/XSS protection
* (Really) enforce POST on some actions
* Fix session cookie overflow problem
* Signed cookies
* 0.19.7
New Features:
* Supports Ruby 2.0 and 2.1
* itex2MML 1.5.1:
* readers can access TeX source by
- double-clicking on a formula (Firefox)
- using the MathJax contextual menu (other browsers)
* Several new commands, including
* Support for LaTeX \cite{} command (with auto-linking of
INSPIRE and MathSciNet Bibtex keys).
* MathJax 2.3
* SVG-Edit 2.7.1
* Rails 2.3.18
Bugs Fixed:
* Many SVG-Edit and Maruku bugs fixed
* Maruku is now up to 50% faster
* Fixed DNSBLcheck
* Redirect #new to #edit if the page already exists
* Unvendored several gems
* 0.19.6
New Features:
* SVG-Edit 1.6
* Rails 2.3.16
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed CVE-2013-0333
* 0.19.5
New Features:
* MathJax 2.0
* Rails 2.3.15
* Support for embedding Wolfram CDF files
* Extended support for HTML5 audio and video
* Maruku and file_signature unbundled
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed CVE-2013-0155 and CVE-2013-0156
* Stylesheet fixes
* 0.19.4
New Feautures:
* Update for itex2MML 1.4.10
* Update SVG-Edit
* Ruby 1.9.3 Compatibility
Bugs Fixed:
* Fix CVE-2012-2694 and CVE-2012-2695 (Security!)
* Fix several Markuku bugs
* Fix several SVG-Edit bugs
* Don't escape style_additions
* Avoid invalid WikiFile links
* Fix tombstone bug
* Fix Theorem Environment
* Better Cache-Sweeping efficiency
* Fix double-escaping of flash messages
* 0.19.3
New Features:
* Source view for Revisions
* Rails updated to 2.3.14 (Security)
* itextomml updated to 1.4.6
* Replace REXML with Nokogiri in Maruku and
in xhtml_safe_sanitize().
(Huge speedup in rendering long pages)
* MathJax updated to 1.1a final
Bugs Fixed:
* Bundler upgraded to 1.0.18
* Fix null search bug
* Better text/html serialization (thank you, Nokogiri)
* Fix Maruku footnote backlink (reported by Shamaoke)
* Fix Maruku link bug
* Fix Maruku image title bug
* Fix Maruku hrule, email address and header bugs
* Fix Maruku bold-in-italics bug
* Fix Maruku empty list-item bug
* 0.19.2
New Features:
* MathJax rendering for non-MathML capable browsers.
* RedCloth (Textile) upgraded to 4.x (now handled
by Bundler).
* Bundler upgraded to 1.0.7
* Rails updated to 2.3.11
Bugs Fixed:
* Redirects and categories of included pages should
not be inherited. (Suggestion of Andrew Stacey).
* Bug in Maruku equation handling (reported by Andrew Stacey).
* SVG-Edit updates and bug-fixes.
* Bug in editing S5 slideshows.
* Unvendor Rack
* Fix Maruku list-parsing bug (reported by Shamaoke)
* Validate Web address (Reported by Richard Marquez).
* Fix a well-formedness bug
* 0.19.1
New Features:
* From the "All" or Category listings, you can export selected pages (in any
desired order) to a single LaTeX file.
* LaTeX export supports \array{} (with no options) and a LaTeX-style optional
argument for \sqrt[]{}. The latter requires itextomml 1.4.5 or later.
* Updated to itextomml 1.4.5 (a bunch of new itex language features).
* Updated to Rails 2.3.10. (There were security issues in 2.3.9 which, happily,
did NOT affect Instiki 0.19. But 2.3.10 has other improvements, as well.)
Bugs Fixed:
* Several SVG-Edit bugs fixed.
* Removed some superfluous junk, to slim down the distribution (cuts the size of
the compressed .tar.gz nearly in half).
* 0.19
New Features:
* WYSIWYG SVG editing (via SVG-edit)
* One-click S5 templates
* Itex2MML is now a Rubygem. Latest is itextomml-1.4.2.
* Rails Metal itex endpoint
* HTML5 support
* Support IALs on Markdown list items
* Updated to Rails 2.3.9 and Erubis (now at 2.6.6)
* Updated for Rack 1.2.1, sqlite3-ruby 1.3.1
* Manages dependencies using Bundler. Before running Instiki for the first time
(and whenever you update), run
ruby bundle
rake upgrade_instiki
from the instiki directory. (You may need to run
ruby bundle exec rake upgrade_instiki
instead, if you get a complaint about your version of rake.)
Bugs Fixed:
* Works with Ruby 1.9.2
* Fixed a bug in non-Latin WikiWord processing. (Reported by Alexander Hambug)
* Fixed Cyrillic WikiWord support.
* More informative dnsbl lookup responses (suggested by Toby Bartels)
* Fixed a bug in LaTeX output
* No longer conflicts with sqlite3-ruby 1.3.x Rubygem
* Fixed some Category listing bugs
* Fixed an escaping bug in 'new' and 'edit' templates. (Reported by Toby Bartels)
* Allow special characters ('.', '/', etc) in page names.
* Fix BlahTeX/PNG path, so equations render in diff and
previous revision pages.
* Fix HTML Export feature so that uploaded files are
included, stylesheets load, etc.
* Uploaded files inclided in Markup Export.
* Fix Print View, so that uploaded images work.
* Fix some more Ruby 1.9 isues.
* Prevent page from being renamed to null.
* Fix Migration to work under PostgreSQL (from J. Zellman).
* Updated vendored plugins
* 0.18.1
New Features:
* (Markdown-Extra syle) fenced codeblocks. [From Jason Blevins]
* Fortran syntax colouring. [From Jason Blevins]
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed some Ruby 1.9 encoding issues, with unicode page names,
author names and categories.
* Better display of inter-web wikilinks
* various syntax-colouring fixes
* Corrected length of wiki_references referenced_name (affects
MySQL users)
* 0.18
New Features:
* Syntax colouring: 'ansic', 'javascript', 'sqlite', 'yaml' and 'css' modes,
in addition to the existing 'html', 'xml', and 'ruby' modes,
* Source view [suggested by Andrew Stacey]
* Auto-resizing Textareas scale to fit viewing area.
* Instiki upgraded to Rails 2.3.5 and Rack 1.1.
* Now runs on Ruby 1.9. (If you're a Passenger user, you may need to upgrade to Passenger
2.2.8, which works around some bugs in Ruby 1.9.1.)
* Upgraded for itex2MML 1.3.19 (which works under Ruby 1.9, and has several new feautures,
relative to 1.3.15).
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed a CSS bug, which screwed up printing (unless you used the "Print" view).
* Fixed a well-formedness bug in the page-name truncation algorithm [reported by Toby Bartels]
* Fixed a cache-sweeping bug [reported by Toby Bartels]
* Better accessibility.
* Improved log rotation under Passenger.
* Omit a (seemingly superfluous) javascript hack which causes Gecko-based browsers to request
when they load an s5 slideshow.
* Upgraded vendored sqlite3-ruby and rubyzip
* Move files when renaming a web (so that links to uploaded files don't break).
* Many Ruby 1.9 fixes, including removing the html5lib Sanitizer.
* 0.17.3
The most important facet of this release is a small change in the database
schema. Previously, people migrating from the default SQLite3 database to MySQL
ran the risk of silent data loss, because MySQL had a more strict interpretation
of the column types in the database. The new schema will prevent such problems.
rake upgrade_instiki
will seamlessly upgrade your existing database to the new schema.
New Features:
* Passenger support (including X-Sendfile support, if the Apache mod_xsendfile
module is installed).
* Update for itex2MML 1.3.13. (You should upgrade your itex2MML to the latest
version, too.)
Bugs Fixed:
* Refactored the Web model (from James Herdman).
* Clean malformed utf-8 strings, rather than complaining about them.
* Updated location of Textile help, since _why_the_lucky_stiff left the 'net.
* Fixed a TeX rendering bug.
* Updated list of XHTML+MathML named entities to match W3C Working Draft.
* Refactored the Sanitizer (speedup).
* Fix S5 Slideshows for non-root Instiki URLs.
* Work around a Rails flash bug.
* Links from published webs should work right (finally?).
* An important database migration for MySQL users.
* 0.17.2
Security: Updated to Rails 2.3.4
* Fixes Timing Weakness in Rails MessageVerifier and the Cookie Store
* Fixes XSS Vulnerability in Rails
New Features:
* Syntax colouring (`ruby` and `html`) for code blocks.
* Updated for itex2MML 1.3.10 (supports \rlap{} and \underline{}). You should upgrade that, too.
* Add a "Create New Page" Link to the Search Page. (Based on an idea by nowa)
* Updated to Rails 2.3.4
Bugs Fixed:
* Wikilinks to published webs should be to the published action. This didn't work
right for inter-web links. (Reported by Mike Shulman)
* Use .size, rather than .length for ActiveRecord associations. A huge memory saving
in building the recently_revised page.
* Refactor the upgrade_instiki rake task, to make it database-agnostic. (Many thanks to James Herdman)
* Web#files_path and Web#blatex_pngs_path now return Pathname objects. (Thanks, again, to James Herdman)
* Workaround for Mozilla Bug 449396. (Reported by Andrew Stacey)
* Correctly Set noindex,nofollow On /diff Pages.
* Page-renaming javascript deals correctly with page names containing ampersands, slashes, and other garbage.
* List of Wanted Pages should not include redirected pages.
* The Regexp, used in Maruku to detect "email" headers (used, e.g., for S5 slideshow metadata) could, for some inputs, interact badly with Instiki's Chunk Handler. Fixed.
* Ensure "rollback" locks page for editing.
* Generate relative URLs, when possible. (Patch by Dennis Knauf)
* Expire revisions of an edited page. Use a `before_save` hook to deal with the situation where a page's name has been changed.
* 0.17
New features:
* Ability to rename pages
* Ability to redirect Wikilinks, using
[[!redirect ...]]
* HTTP 302 redirects, for redirected/renamed pages
Bugs Fixed:
* Rails gets very unhappy with "." in page or author names.
Make sure that doesn't happen.
* Fix a Maruku escaping bug.
* WEBrick should respond to TERM signals
(needed by MacOSX and, perhaps, others).
* Add a flash message for redirection to "new" page
when the target of "show" action is not found.
* Flash[:info] messages use Web's colour scheme.
* Uploaded files in published webs should be accessible
* 0.16.6
New Features:
* More colour schemes: blue, brown, scarlet red, and plum.
(From Jason Blevins)
* History Pages: created a history page for each wiki page.
Link to it and to the "Diff" page from "Recently Revised".
(from Jason Blevins)
* Support for SVG clipping paths
(requested by Andrew Stacey)
* Updated for itex2MML 1.3.8. (You should
upgrade that, as well.) Support for blackboard bold lowercase
letters and digits.
Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed several bugs in Maruku, where "greedy" regexps
could lead to exponential slowdown on certain inputs.
* Fixed a bug in listing/deleting links to uploaded video and
audio files.
* Fixed some caching bugs.
* Removed the defunct from anti-spam dnsbl lookups.
* Resolved a conflict between form_spam_protect plugin and IE7.
(thanks to Jason Blevins)
* 0.16.5: Rails 2.3.2
* Runs on the Stable Release, Rails 2.3.2.
* Support for audio/speex audio files.
* Updated for itex2MML 1.3.7. (You should
upgrade that, as well.)
* Tests for BlahTeX/PNG (if installed).
* 0.16.4
New Features:
* Add x-sendfile support for downloading uploaded files in Instiki.
* Add support for HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements:
[[mymovie.ogv:video]], [[mysound.wav:audio]].
* Runs on Rails 2.3.1
Bugs Fixed:
* Update to Rails 2.3.1, which fixes several bugs.
* Removed bundled Rack (Rails 2.3.1 comes bundled with Rack 1.0).
* Add config.action_view.cache_template_loading = true to production
* Fix FastCGI bug
( &atid=783).
* Fix WikiWords bug
* Fix bug on Windows
* 0.16.3: Big steps, Rails 2.3.0-RC1 and tons of new stuff!
All the patching, developing and great hacking from Jacques Distler was
merged into the main codebase of instiki. Jaques is now also maintaining the
main branch (together with parasew), which brings instiki up-to-date!
Find more information about all the changes in his site:
New Features:
* Instiki comes and runs with Rails 2.3.0-RC1
* New Markdown interpreter: Maruku
* Default markup dialect is Markdown+itex2MML
* Mathematics suport, using itex2MML (Markdown+itex2MML)
or BlahTeX (Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG)
* Theorem Environments
* Automatic Equation numbering and automatic Theorem numbering,
* Integrated presentation software
complete with support for themes
(available with Markdown, Markdown+itex2MML or Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG)
* Sends application/xhtml+xml to compatible browsers
(available with Markdown, Markdown+itex2MML or Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG)
Serve Webs which use non-Markdown Text Filters (Textile, RDoc or Mixed) as
text/html. This makes those Text Filters usable, again.
* Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) enabled
(available with Markdown, Markdown+itex2MML or Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG).
* Nifty SVG Logo
(available with Markdown, Markdown+itex2MML or Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG).
* Atom 1.0 feeds.
* ETag support.
* Filesystem-based caching.
* New, industrial-strength Sanitizer (anti-XSS protection).
* Uses xhtmldiff for redline diff pages.
* (Actually functional) LaTeX output.
* InterWeb WikiLinks
* Add a user interface to manage uploaded files.
* Add a user interface to delete a Web.
* Add a user interface to delete orphaned pages in a Category. In addition to
deleting all orphaned pages, you can now delete just the orphaned pages in a
particular category. Among other things, this provides a handy way to delete
a (selection of) page(s): just assign them to a new category (“delete”, say)
and delete the orphaned pages in that category.
* Add the manage_fixtures plugin for easy database migration
* Descriptions in the File Upload Dialog are used as the default alt text (for
pictures) or the default link text (for files).
(see for a
complete list)
* fixes to xhtmldiff
* fixed Sanitizer issues
* Do dnsbl lookups more judiciously. Anti-spam effectiveness is undiminished,
but the application is more responsive.
* Fix a Session CookieOverflow when rescuing Instiki::ValidationError
* Domain independent caching
* Fix for no Flash Messages
* Links on “published” Webs were all screwed-up. Fixed.
* Make uploaded pictures display in the “published” view.
* Make @import rules in the “Stylesheet Tweaks” work in the “published” view.
* Actually verify the password, when setting a password for a Web, rather than
just pretending to do so.
* fixes for nowiki “<nowiki>[[!include foo]]</nowiki>”)
* Hide Equations From WikiChunk Processing
* Fix a bug in the Chunk handler, which was mangling backslashes in included
* Entering the wrong password on the “CreateWeb” form now redirects back to
the form, as it should.
* Allow single-letter WikiLinks (e.g. “[[a]]”). Requested by a Japanese user.
* Allow single-letter includes (e.g. “[[!include a]]”).
* Huge improvements to caching and cache-sweeping
* Category listing restricts to current Web.
* All WikiReference methods limit results to the current web
* File uploads work right.
* Make WEBrick respond to TERM signal. (Launchd, in particular, requires this.)
* Ditch the URIChunk and LocalURIChunk handlers. Slow, buggy, and of dubious
* Ensure unsafe operations (new, save,...) are POSTs, not GETs.
* Fix utf-8 bug in WikiChunk handling.
* Disable WikiChunk processing in tags.
* Hide Equations From WikiChunk Processing
* Fix for the "Backslashes in Included Equations" bug.
* Sessions are now stored in a cookie (signed and Base-64 encoded).
Form_spam_protection stores form_keys in the session.
Make sure spambots implement both cookies and javascript, by storing
hashed (with salt) keys in the session.
* Make sure request.ip is a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address.
* Make remove_orphaned_pages work in a proxied situation.
* In the wiki_controller, only apply the dnsbl_check before_filter
to the :edit, :new, and :save :export actions, instead of all actions.
This makes mundane "show" requests faster, but does not
compromise spam-fighting ability.
* Be a little gentler in recovering from Instiki::ValidationErrors, when
saving a page. Previously, we threw away all the user's changes upon
the redirect. Now we attempt to salvage what he wrote.
* Drop hostname from cache key.
* Fix Recursive Includes.
* Entering an incorrect password on the Create Web form should redirect
back to the form, with a flash error.
* In the Stylesheet Tweaks, the owner of a Web can specify an @import rule
to pull in CSS styles form an external file. This worked in the "show"
view, but was broken in the "published" view. Fixed.
* Allow multiple leading capital letters in a WikiWord.
* 0.13.0:
Mainly a Bugfix Release, which fixes two XSS Vulnerabilities.
More information can be found on Jacques Distler's Blog:
* 0.12.0:
0.12 is mainly a bugfix release. We recommend all instiki Users to upgrade.
In this version, some security holes where fixed
- An XSS vulnerability in categories
- An XSS vulnerability in <nowiki>
- fixes that Instiki allows "dangerous" operations as HTTP GETs
as well as some other small improvements.
- fixes for instiki running on mongrel
- fixes for instiki running on mongrel_cluster
We added a lot of tests, synced with Jacques Distler's version and fixed
small bugs as well. A note to Mac OSX users: use the Ruby One-Click-Installer
for OSX ( ) or make sure you are not running into problems
with sqlite (see
* 0.11.pl1
- updated and included spam_patterns.txt
- included dnsbl_check - DNS Blackhole Lists check
[thanks to joost from ]
- included the form-spam-protection rails plugin
- fix PDF output not to contain garbage chars [Jesse Newland]
- fixed the pages and authors display for single webs
- web list does not show a link to a published version if it has none
[Jesse Newland]
- Fixed bug that failed to expire cached diff view of a page
- Fixed rendering of WikiLinks in included pages in published or export
- lots of small bugfixes and changes
- Rails 1.2.1 tested and packaged with instiki
- updated RubyZip to 0.9.1
- updated packaged sqlite3-ruby
- fix: being logged in on more Webs at once works now [Jaques Distler]
- Stylesheet tweaks
- visual display if webs are pass-protected (div background)
- Linux packaging
* 0.11.0:
- SQL-based backend (ActiveRecord)
- File uploads (finally)
- Upgraded to Rails 1.0.0
- Replaced internal link generator with routing
- Fixed --daemon option
- Removed Rubygem and native OS X distributions
- Improved HTML diff
- More accurate "See Changes"
* 0.10.2:
- Upgraded to Rails 0.13.1
- Fixed HTML export
- Added layout=no option to the export_html action (it exports page
contents processed by the markup engine, but without the default layout -
so that they can be wrapped in some other layout)
- <nowiki> tag can span several lines (before it was applied when both
opening and closing tags were on the same line only)
- Resolved the "endless redirection loop" condition and otherwise improved
handling of errors in the rendering engines
- Fixed rendering of Markdown hyperlinks such as
* 0.10.1:
- Upgraded Rails to 0.12.0
- Upgraded rubyzip to version 0.5.8
- BlueCloth is back (RedCloth didn't do pure Markdown well enough)
- Handling of line breaks in Textile is as in 0.9 (inserts <br/> tag)
- Fixed HTML export (to enclose the output in <html> tags, include the
stylesheet etc)
- Corrected some compatibility issues with storages from earlier Instiki
- Some other bug fixes
* 0.10.0:
- Ported to ActionPack
- RedCloth 3.0.3
- BlueCloth is phased out, Markdown is rendered by RedCloth
- Mix markup option understands both Textile and Markdown on the same page
- Instiki can serve static content (such as HTML or plain-text files) from
./public directory
- Much friendlier admin interface
- Wiki link syntax doesn't conflict with Textile hyperlink syntax.
Therefore "textile link":LinkToSomePlace will not look insane.
- RSS feeds accept query parameters, such as
- RSS feed with page contents for a password-protected web behaves as
follows: if the web is published, RSS feed links to the published version
of the web. otherwise, the feed is not available
Madeleine will check every hour if there are new commands in the log or
24 hours have passed since last snapshot, and take snapshot if either of
these conditions is true. Madeleine will also not log read-only
operations, resulting in a better performance
- Wiki extracts (to HTML and plain text) will leave only the last extract
file in ./storage
- Wiki search handles multibyte (UTF-8) characters correctly
- Local hyperlinks in published pages point to published pages [Michael
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused all past revisions of a page to be
"forgotten" on restart
- Fixed parsing of URIs with a port number (
- Instiki will not fork itself on a *nix, unless explicitly asked to
- Instiki can bind to IPs other than (command-line option)
- Revisions that do not change anything on the page are rejected
- Automated tests for all controller actions
- category: lines are presented as links to "All Pages" for relevant
- Search looks at page titles, as well as content
- Multiple other usability enhancements and bug fixes
* 0.9.2:
- Rollback takes the user to an edit form. The form has to be submitted for
the change to take place.
- Changed to use inline style on published pages
- Fixed "forward in time" on the last revision before current page
- Instiki won't log bogus error messages when creating a new Wiki
- Fixed deprecation warning for (introduced in Ruby 1.8.2)
- Madeleine upgraded to 0.7.1
- Madeleine snapshots are compressed
- Packaged as a gem
* 0.9.1:
- Added performance improvements for updating existing pages
- Fixed IP logging and RSS feeds behind proxies [With help from Guan Yang]
- Fixed default storage directory (borked running on Windows)
[Spotted by Curt Hibbs]
* 0.9.0:
- Added aliased links such as [[HomePage|that nice home page]] [Mark Reid]
- Added include other page content with [[!include TableOfContents]]
[Mark Reid]
- Added delete orphan pages from the Edit Web screen [by inspiration from
Simon Arnaud]
- Added logging of IP address for authors (who's behind the rollback wars)
- Added Categories pages through backlinks (use "categories: news, instiki"
on start of line) [Mark Reid]
- Added option to use bracket-style wiki links only (and hence ban
- Added command-line option to specify different storage path
- Added print view without navigation
- Added character and page (2275 characters including spaces) counter
(important for student papers)
- Off by default, activate it on the Edit Web screen
- Added LaTeX/PDF integration on Textile installations with pdflatex
installed on system (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Use the home page as a table of contents with a unordered list to control
- Added limit of 15 to the number of pages included in RSS feed
- Moved static parts of stylesheet to separate file [Lau T?rnskov]
- Fixed better semantics for revision movement [Ryan Singer]
- Fixed color diffs to work much better [Xen/Mertz/Atkins]
- Fixed performance problems for All Pages list [Dennis Mertz]
- Fixed lots of rendering bugs [Mark Reid]
- Upgraded to RedCloth 2.0.11 [integrating the fine work of Dennis Mertz]
* 0.8.9:
- Added color diffs to see changes between revisions [Bill Atkins]
They're aren't quite perfect yet as new paragraphs split the <ins> tags
(hence 0.8.9, not 0.9.0)
- Added redirect to edit if content of page generates an error
(so the page doesn't become unusable on bugs in the markup engines)
- Fixed update Web with different address bug [Denis Metz]
- Fixed a bunch of wiki word rendering issues by doing wiki word detection
and replacment at once
- Upgraded to BlueCloth 0.0.3b (should fix loads of problems on Markdown
* 0.8.5:
- Instiki can now serve as a CMS by running a password-protected web with a
published front
- Added version check at startup (Instiki needs Ruby 1.8.1)
* 0.8.1:
- Actually included RedCloth 2.0.7 in the release
* 0.8.0:
- NOTE: Single-web wikis created in versions prior to 0.8.0 have "instiki"
as their system password
- Accepts wiki words in bracket style.
Examples: [[wiki word]], [[c]], [[We could'nt have done it!]]
- Accepts camel-case wiki words in all latin, greek, cyrillian, and
armenian unicode characters
- Many thanks to Guan Yang for building the higher- and lower-case lookup
tables. And thanks to Simon Arnaud for the initial patch that got the
work started
- Changed charset to UTF-8
- Cut down on command-line options and replaced them with an per-web config
- Added option to extend the stylesheet on a per-web basis to tweak the
look in details
- Added simple color options for variety
- Added option to add/remove password protection on each web
- Added the wiki name of the author locking a given page (instead of just
- Removed single/multi-web distinction -- all Instikis are now multi-web
- Load libraries from an unshifted load path, so that old installed
libraries doesn't clash [Emiel van de Laar]
- Keeps the author cookie forever, so you don't have to enter your name
again and again
- Fixed XHTML so it validates [Bruce D'Arcus]
- Authors are no longer listed under orphan pages
- Added export to markup (great for backups, potentially for switching wiki
- Don't link wiki words that proceeds from either /, = or ?
/show/HomePage, without escaping)
- Accessing an unexisting page redirects to a different url (/new/PageName)
- Increased snapshot time to just once a day (cuts down on disk storage
- Made RDoc support work better with 1.8.1 [Mauricio Fern?ndez]
- Added convinient redirect from /wiki/ to /wiki/show/HomePage
- Fixed BlueCloth bug with backticks at start of line
- Updated to RedCloth 2.0.7 (and linked to the new Textile reference)
* 0.7.0:
- Added Markdown (BlueCloth) and RDoc [Mauricio Fern?ndez] as command-line
markup choices
- Added wanted and orphan page lists to All pages (only show up if there's
actually orphan or wanted pages)
- Added ISO-8859-1 as XML encoding in RSS feeds (makes FeedReader among
others happy for special entities)
- Added proper links in the RSS feed (but the body links are still
relative, which NNW and others doesn't grok)
- Added access keys: E => Edit, H => HomePage, A => All Pages,
U => Recently Revised, X => Export
- Added password-login through URL (so you can subscribe to feed on a
protected web)
- Added web passwords to the feed links for protected webs, so they work
without manual login
- Added the web name in small letters above all pages within a web
- Polished authors and recently revised
- Updated to RedCloth 2.0.6
- Changed content type for RSS feeds to text/xml (makes Mozilla Aggreg8
- Changed searching to be case insensitive
- Changed HomePage to display the name of the web instead
- Changed exported HTML pages to be valid XHTML (which can be preprocessed
by XSLT)
- Fixed broken recently revised
* 0.6.0:
- Fixed Windows compatibility [Florian]
- Fixed bug that would prevent Madeleine from taking snapshots in Daemon
- Added export entire web as HTML in a zip file
- Added RSS feeds
- Added proper getops support for the growing number of options [Florian]
- Added safe mode that forbids style options in RedCloth [Florian]
- Updated RedCloth to 2.0.5
* 0.5.0:
- NOTE: 0.5.0 is NOT compatible with databases from earlier versions
- Added revisions
- Added multiple webs
- Added password protection for webs on multi-web setups
- Added the notion of authors (that are saved in a cookie)
- Added command-line option for not running as a Daemon on Unix
* 0.3.1:
- Added option to escape wiki words with \
* 0.3.0:
- Brought all files into common style (including Textile help on the edit
- Added page locking (if someone already is editing a page there's a
- Added daemon abilities on Unix (keep Instiki running after you close the
- Made port 2500 the default port, so Instiki can be launched by
- Added Textile cache to speed-up rendering of large pages
- Made WikiWords look like "Wiki Words"
- Updated RedCloth to 2.0.4
* 0.2.5:
- Upgraded to RedCloth 2.0.2 and Madeleine 0.6.1, which means the
- Windows problems are gone. Also fixed a problem with wikiwords
- that used part of other wikiwords.
* 0.2.0:
- First public release