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Add a log/ directory to the GIT repository

Dunno why the #$%* GIT repository doesn't have one
(the BZR repository does). For good measure, add a
stub log/production.log file, since the absence of
one, apparently causes troubles for some users.
(And anyway, we all know how much GIT *loves* empty
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distler committed Dec 10, 2009
1 parent efd3def commit ffe50318e361a6d7e9750045b2f8708a43a0718d
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@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+# Logfile created on Mon Jan 22 07:45:04 CST 2007 by logger.rb/
+Migrating to Beta1Schema (1)
+Migrating to Beta2ChangesBulk (2)
+Migrating to Beta1Schema (1)
+Migrating to Beta2ChangesBulk (2)

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