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Parses the Postman v2 collection.json file and uses the Parasoft SOAtest REST API to create SOAtest .tst's.
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Postman to SOAtest conversion tool

The tool should be packaged into a jar to be run, or run the file directly through eclipse. The PostmanImporter folder can be imported directly into Eclipse as a java project.

This import tool requires the Server API license for SOAtest/Virtualize to be active, and the SOAtest/Virtualize server must be running.


To import Postman services with this tool, simply run the jar with the filepath to the export to your collection as an argument.

Example: java -jar PostmanImporter.jar C:/tmp/postmanExports/myCollection.json

This jar assumes that the SOAVirt Server is running on your local machine at port 9080.

If this does not match the server you wish to upload to, you can supply the server settings as a second argument.

Example: java -jar PostmanImporter.jar myCollection.json http://RemoteServer123:1111

Additional Options: -v: Enables verbose mode

Example: java -jar PostmanImporter.jar -v myCollection.json


Credit and documentation for JsonPath implementation goes to

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