modoJS enables you to create the user interface of your Backbone driven web application without writing a single line of HTML.
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#modoJS modoJS is a component-based javascript user interface library, offered under the MIT license.

It enables you to create modular user interfaces quickly by combining pre-created UI widgets that are ready for the most use cases. If special user interface components are missing from the library, you can simply add them to it via an easy API.

You do not need to pre-create HTML structures on your server or use a lot of frontend templates - modoJS does that for you. The interface structure and functionality is created by the library and can be completely styled by CSS.

Every user interface component is an independent module and can be used multiple times across all your apps. If you extend functionality or fix a bug, all your apps can benefit from it. Internationalization can be done easily by putting your interface strings into a JSON object that can be switched for each language.

##Using the library The library, its usage and references to all components can be found on - the references to the components can be found in this repository as markdown files.

You can download builds of the library directly from the /dist folder of this repository, or do custom builds with only the components you really need from the modoJS website above.

##Contributing to the library Contributions are very welcome! This can be bugfixes, improvements to the components, the documentation and/or the themes. You can also create new modoJS themes, if you'd like to.

I also plan to write tests for the library but didn't have the time until now.