This is a new version of the original myui library, this time I'm migrating the code, from prototypejs to jquery and coffeescript using requirejs to glue the code
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This project is second phase from the one I have begun working two years ago MYUI. Now UI controls are implemented using CoffeeScript and JQuery as main tools and for gluing the code I'm using RequireJS.

##Road Map

Soon I will finish the migration from old Prototype to CoffeeScript and JQuery. Following tasks are:

  • Optimize and improve event handling
  • Replace CSS files with CSS Sass
  • Make look & feel closer to bootstrap

##Steps to build the project

  • Firstly Make sure you have installed Ruby language in your computer, which will be available by default if you have Mac

* After this install sass gem, as follows:
gem install sass
* Now install NodeJS:.

* Then execute command npm install, which will install the modules defined in package.json file

npm install

* Install the following modules globally using npm command (sometime you need to prepend sudo command):

npm install -g coffee-script

npm install -g grunt-cli

* After this you will be able to build the project just by running "grunt" command:


* Now you can open one of the examples in samples folder, and you will see something like the following picture.