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amprolla is an apt repository merger originally intended for use with the Devuan infrastructure. This version is the third iteration of the software. The original version of amprolla was not performing well in terms of speed, and the second version was never finished - therefore this version has emerged.

amprolla is a tool that will merge a number of different apt-based repositories into one, while giving control over (not) including given packages, architectures, or any specific package metadata. Upon completing the merge, amprolla will generate and optionally create GnuPG signatures of the according Release files.


amprolla requires Python 3, the lowest version it's been tested on was Python 3.4. It also requires the python-requests library.


rsync gnupg2 python3-requests


net-misc/rsync app-crypt/gnupg dev-python/requests

Basic usage

Copy lib/ to lib/ and edit lib/ to your needs, and then run This will download the repositories we will merge afterwards. When this is done, you can run which will perform the actual merge, and finally sign the Release files needed. The first time this is done, it is advisable to run the script found in contrib/ so it can fill in the needed symlinks to the different suites. Make sure you set the correct paths and names in the script.

To perform incremental updates, run with a cron job in your desired intervals. Edit the script to set the correct paths.

nginx and lighttpd configurations can be found in contrib.

More documentation should be found in the doc directory.