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A minimal utility that allows repository permission management based on ssh keys when used with the command directive in ssh's authorized_keys file.

If used, it will only allow git-upload-pack and git-receive-pack as the commands allowed to be ran by a specific user/SSH key.

git-restrict is C99 portable and compiled as a static binary so it's easy to use it in chroot environments. This is obviously intentional.

Basic usage

Set up SSH and a git user on a host machine that will serve the git repositories. Ideally the repos should be stored in the user's $HOME.

After this, compile and install git-restrict and use something like the following to set repo permissions for specific SSH keys:

$ cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
command="/usr/bin/git-restrict repo0 repo1 repo2" ssh-ed25519 AAA...1 user0@machine
command="/usr/bin/git-restrict repo3 repo0" ssh-ed25519 AAA.Z user1@machine

It is also useful to see the contrib directory to see an automation example.


GNU Affero General Public License version 3.