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protecc is a Linux kernel module that will shut down your computer when a predefined USB device is removed from the system.

It is based on silk-guardian which itself is based on usbkill. However, it operates in an inverse way to its predecessors: instead of panicking based on any USB activity, protecc is designed to only watch for the removal of one defined USB key before going into panic mode.


First edit config.h with your preferred setings. Most importantly, make sure you set your chosen USB's device ID correctly. Then compile and install the kernel module:

insmod protecc.ko



Using protecc properly requires some physical availability to remove the USB key even when distracted, or the device is being forcefully removed from you.

In theory, it is possible to have a USB device tied around your wrist with some wire or string and then forcefully shut down the computer by moving your arm - making the USB device unplug.

Feature List

  • Shutdown the computer when chosen USB key is removed.
  • Remove files before shutdown.
  • Secure deletion of chosen files before shutdown.
  • No dependencies.

Future extension ideas (exclusive and/or optional)

  • Verification
    • Perhaps some change of USB identify over time
    • Status bits in USB can be changed for steganography
    • All states in USB can be used to make sure the device is the true device
  • Timetracking (allow only certain time of day when the device is allowed to be attached, for a certain amount of time)
  • The device should be disconnected for a certain amount per day