One Stop for Python Programming Resources. It's all about Python.
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Python Pedia is one stop solution for Python Programming Resources. The Resources are categorized according to the application of language. It's all about Python.


The Python Programming language has many applications with a large number of resources. The current content is not complete. Your contributions are welcome to make it a single place for everything about python. To contribute to this project follow the below steps -

  1. Fork the project from the upper right fork button.
  2. The application pages are being generated from the markdown files present in folder


  3. Change the markdown(.md) files present in above folder and commit your changes to your fork.

  4. You do not have to change the HTML files of applications. They will be automatically generated by the markdown files.
  5. Open a Pull request to the develop branch of this project. Once your changes have been confirmed, your Pull request will be merged.
  6. Pull request can be small also. Even a single line of contribution will make the project awesome.
  7. Add your name with a link to your profile in the contributors list.

A lot of help is taken from awesome-python in creating Python Pedia. Credits goes to all contributors for creating such a great content.